MetaDerby Launches on Avalanche

Jethro Sandico

Jul. 05, 2022

Good news for horse racing enthusiasts! MetaDerby has finally reached the metaverse!

Recently, MetaDerby, an Avalanche-based play-and-earn horse racing game, released its full version. As of June 21, participants are already competing against other racers with their starter horses. 

MetaDerby is a dynamic game that allows players to race on a variety of tracks, as well as trade and breed their horses. For the high rollers out there, betting on other contests is also another way to earn tokens in MetaDerby.

MetaDerby on Avalanche

The fastest smart contract blockchain in the industry, Avalanche blockchain is experiencing a significant boost attributed to gaming and NFTs. 

During March of 2022, MetaDerby raised a total of $2.5 million after completing a seed round led by Avalanche Foundation’s Blizzard Fund and investment firm Old Fashion Research, the game developer highlighted in a statement distributed to the media. 

MetaDerby is in a good spot to “win the races” by making the most out of Avalanche’s blazing speed and reliable security. “We made the decision to build on Avalanche after speaking to many other project teams who were building in the ecosystem and learning that the community is very welcoming, passionate, and genuine,” MetaDerby founder MetaMike, said in a separate statement published on Medium. 

“Since we launched our beta, there have been over 200,000 races and plenty of microtransactions for our fees and prize pools. If we didn’t build on Avalanche, fees from the on-chain transactions would have been astronomical,” he added.

MetaDerby Tokenomics

MetaDerby uses two tokens: $HOOF and $DBY.

$HOOF (Utility Token)

Users can earn $HOOF by reaching top three in a race or winning in the lottery. Players may also host a race and own the token revenues.

Use cases:

  • Entry fees for attending races, joining stables and breeding
  • Purchasing mystery boxes
  • Purchasing materials
  • Buying farmland and race course construction

$DBY (Governance Token)

You can earn $DBY by winning the weekly tournaments or through breeding (for male horses).

Use cases:

  • Gaming governance
  • Purchasing land
  • Staking rewards

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