MetaDerby Launches Gear NFT Showcase Campaign

Jethro Sandico

Oct. 04, 2022

Web3 racing/breeding game MetaDerby launched on October 2, 2022, its Gear NFT Showcase Campaign. The team is giving away 10,000 Gear Fragments to all qualified participants (simply follow the provided rules to qualify), and 100,000 Gear Fragments each to three random submissions.

The campaign will run from October 3rd, 1PM UTC – October 10th, 1PM UTC.

“We want to see your Gear in action and see what difference your Gear NFT setup makes! Showcase your Gear on Twitter to receive Gear Fragment rewards, so you can really up your Gear game with MetaDerby,” the team announced.

MetaDerby released 1,600 Gear Tickets on September 21, on Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace Kalao. Users were able to redeem their tickets and acquire Gears. Features such as Equip, Upgrade, Repair, and Decompose were added after the launch.

Here’s what we’ve learned about the competition.

How to Join

  1. Players are required to showcase their 1st place wins with their horses wearing the Gear NFTs. Participants can provide evidence via screenshots or video recordings. The photos or videos should be similar to at least one of the four types of shots below:

  1. Contestants must post the pic/vid to Twitter and tag @metaderby and three friends, while using the hashtag #GearNFT.

What Are Gear Fragments?

Gear Fragments are primarily designed for upgrading Gears. However, players can also use the fragments to repair damaged Gears (as long as their “wear” hasn’t reached 0% yet). The lower the percentage of the Gear’s wear, the more Fragments are needed for repair.

MetaDerby participants can acquire Gear Fragments through social media campaigns and activity airdrops. Additionally, users can also decompose their Gear, and turn them into fragments. Higher class gears will yield more fragments as a result of the decomposition.

MetaDerby Gears

In MetaDerby, there are three types of Gear sets namely: Helios, Poseidon, Artemis. Each set includes Saddles, Helmets, Horseshoes, Body Armor. 

There are five Gear levels that are identifiable through their varying colors: 

  • Level 1 (White)
  • Level 2 (Green)
  • Level 3 (Blue)
  • Level 4 (Purple)
  • Level 5 (Gold)

Players who purchased a Gear Ticket at the sales event held on September 21 are eligible to receive a Gear. Holders can also exchange their Gear Tickets for a “Gear Mystery Box” that contains one random Level 1 Gear.

All Gears will fit any horse (one horse at a time). Upon equipping a race horse with a Gear, its appearance and other attributes will undergo some changes. Some of the abilities that a Gear can boost include a horse’s acceleration, aggressiveness, and speed. Factors that will determine the Gear’s effects include the type and level of Gear used.

Gears possess the attribute of durability and will deteriorate after every race. They will start at 100% and will wear and tear until they reach 0%. When the durability reaches zero, the equipment will break down  and become impossible to repair.

About MetaDerby

MetaDerby is a Web3-based horse racing game with breeding features. Built on the Avalanche blockchain, the game allows players to receive token rewards and contribute to the game’s expanding ecosystem.

Horse NFTs are the main requirement of MetaDerby. Due to the game’s Free-to-Play model, purchasing a horse is not the only way to get into the races. Players can also complete the beginners task and receive a free “Starter Horse” NFT.


MetaDerby utilizes the tokens $HOOF and $DBY.


$HOOF is an unlimited supply token that serves as the game’s “fundamental gas.” MetaDerby players can use the token as fees to enter races, stables, and breeding. Moreover, holders can utilize $HOOF to purchase materials and Mystery Boxes, as well as construct farm lands and race courses.

To acquire $HOOF, players can either host a horse race or finish top 3 in a contest.

As of this writing, $HOOF is trading at $0.002571, with a fully diluted market cap of $11,433, and a 24-hour volume of $419 (per CoinMarketCap).


$DBY is MetaDerby’s governance token that has a limited supply of 1,000,000,000. Holders can use the token for purchasing land in the metaverse, as well as liquidity and Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) voting.

As of this writing, $DBY is trading at $0.005331, with a fully diluted market cap of $5,331,051, and a 24-hour volume of $309 (per CoinMarketCap).