Meta Exits NFTs, Lego Enters Metaverse, CoinDesk Acquisition on Hold

Ephraim Austin

Mar. 14, 2023

Today’s Web3 Digest includes blockchain games, non-fungible tokens, and the metaverse, headlining the space.

Here are the stories that shape Web3.

Top Stories

  • Meta: The social media giant announced plans to wind down its digital collectibles (NFTs). The move comes as a prioritization to increase focus on Meta Pay, investment in fintech tools, and messaging payments across Meta (BC).

  • An Irish Goodbye: Web3 film producer Nick Sadler wins an Oscar for An Irish Goodbye. Nick has been been a big proponent of using Web3 (NFTs) to fund films (DC).

  • CoinMarketCap/CoinDesk: The acquisition of CoinDesk by CoinMarketCap has been put on hold. CoinDesk has been on the market since January as Digital Currency Group looks to raise capital (BW).

  • BTC/ETH: Crypto markets rebounded strongly after the USDC, SVB fiasco over the weekend. The banking sector stress strengthens the case for a Fed pause next week and gold and bitcoin are benefitting (CD). 

Web3 Games

  • Jungle: Jungle has raised $6 million for its Web3 mobile shooter game. Bitkraft co-led the round with Framework Ventures. Additional participants include Delphi Digital, Karatage, Fourth Revolution Capital, Monoceros, 32bit Ventures, Stateless Ventures, Snackclub and Norte Ventures. (VB)

  • Splinterlands: The game has announced its plans to introduce a new energy system, replacing the current Energy Capture Rate (ECR) system. The change is set to fundamentally change its gameplay and will be released on Tuesday, March 21st, 2023. The Splinterlands team states that the new system will be far simpler and easier to use for players (CP).

  • Degen Zoo: DAO Maker founder has built a game based on the abandoned Logan Paul project in just 30 days. “Degen Zoo” has seen more than 115,000 wallets register to join the game, pledging over $700 million (CT).

NFT News

  • OpenSea: Cybersecurity firm Imperva found a vulnerability in OpenSea that could be used to link user information such as email addresses and phone numbers to NFTs, which has now been patched (CT). 

  • Moonpay: CEO of Moonpay says the next phase of NFT adoption will come from ‘Brands You Love in Your Everyday Life.’ Moonpay is helping brands manage their smart contracts to aid in launching NFT projects (DC).

Into the Metaverse

  • Thunderbirds: ITV Studios has teamed up with Web3 firm Reality+ to take the TV series Thunderbirds into the metaverse. The British science fiction series that showcased characters such as Lady Penelope, Brains, and Jeff Tracy is to be rebooted within The Sandbox metaverse (Y).

  • Lego/Epic Games: Lego has teamed up with Fortnite creator Epic Games to enter the metaverse market. The Danish toy company has set out plans to develop a virtual world with the help of Epic Games so that its products can be accessed in digital form within the metaverse. Users will be able to build Lego sets in virtual environments (Y).