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Medieval RPG Eldarune’s Dungeon Testnet Goes Live

Posted September 20, 2022 4:23 pm
3 min
By Jethro Sandico

Medieval/fantasy Role-Playing Game (RPG) Eldarune launched the game’s Dungeon Mode on September 19, 2022. The new offering is the next level for players who have completed the Campaign Mode.

“We are happy to announce that Dungeon mode is ready to be played in the testnet stage. All players are welcome to play and test this new game mode addition of Eldarune,” the team stated.

About Dungeon Mode

According to the team, over 6,000 people requested access to the Campaign mode testnet. Additionally, more than 1500 people played and completed the game. Players who have completed the Campaign Mode can now advance to the next stage with Dungeon Mode. 

This gameplay mode allows players to level up their characters and items, as well as acquire new objects and $ELDA tokens. Dungeon Mode also presents Autoplay features, and grants participants the opportunity to progress within the new system.

The team also live streamed Dungeon Mode on Eldarune’s Twitch channel. Additionally, lucky players got the chance to win $500 worth of $ELDA tokens by watching the stream and sharing the announcements.


Dungeon Mode testnet has 4 phases:

  1. The first phase, which will run from September 9-25, allows players to test the game for 20 minutes. Participants can spot bugs and submit their insights to the dev team (testers can report the bugs here).
  2. The second phase will allow players to test item equipment when their mechanics are released.
  3. In phase three, players will test the skills and skill upgrades, as soon as “champion skills” go live.
  4. In phase four, players will get the chance to test the transactions and experience the full gameplay after the NFT marketplace goes live.


Eldarune will distribute $100,000 worth of $ELDA tokens to the testnet participants for their efforts. Distribution is based on the in-game tasks, bug submissions, and limited time challenges. 

The first user to submit a specific bug is the only one qualified to receive a reward.

Early Dragon’s Treasure (EDT) NFT holders’ rewards are multiplied depending on how many they own (e.g. 2 EDT NFT = 2x; 3 EDT NFT = 3x). Players can click here to mint an EDT.

How to Play

To play Dungeon Mode, visit Digard’s official website, and click on sign in to register. Click on “Download Disgard Game Market” to download the launcher client. Install the launcher and sign in with credentials before downloading Eldarune. Complete the game to receive an NFT badge reward.

Players can claim their beta ticket from Digard’s inventory page and click on the Claim List to add ticket to account. Participants who already have downloaded Eldarune and finished the Campaign Mode, are only required to update the game.


About Eldarune

Eldarune is a AAA RPG that combines action, fantasy, and medieval themes and can be found on the Avalanche blockchain. The game boasts a rich storyline and sharp 4K graphics (click here to read our in-depth write-up about the game).

Various game modes in Eldarune include Campaign, Dungeon, Clan Boss and PvP Arena. All of the items in the game (Armors, Characters, Weapons, etc.) are NFTs that owners can trade or sell in the marketplace. 

Eldarune uses the token $ELDA, which are obtained through completing quests and winning in battles. Furthermore, players can use $ELDA to create Clans, or purchase other NFTs. 

On September 1, Eldarune had a successful first NFT drop. The event saw the minting of the Early Dragon Treasure which contained $ELDA tokens, Champion and Item Chests, Skill Books, and Idle Autoplay tickets.

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