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Market Insights – Web3 Gaming

Ephraim Austin

Ephraim Austin

May 05, 2023

Welcome to our weekly Web3 Gaming Market Insights, where we break down key trends in the Web3 Gaming market. 

In this article, we’ll be covering

  • Top 10 games by market capitalization
  • Top 10 gainers/losers for the week
  • Weekly funding news
  • New games added
  • Upcoming launchpad sales

Top 10 Gaming Projects by Market Cap 

web3 gaming - top 10 games by market cap

  • ApeCoin is still holding down the number one spot with a $1.39 billion market cap, as the gaming sector was down this week. 
  • Immutable, Render and FLOKI dropped double-digit percentage points with no significant news out. 

Top 10 Gaming Projects Market Movers

Web3 Gaming - Top gainers and losers

  • Gameswap surged 52% as hype surrounded Aten7, one of their trading partners.
  • NFT Worlds gained 16.6% with no significant news. 
  • SIDUS led the weekly losers down 22% with no significant news. 


  • 5/4/23: Web3 gaming platform Intella X, in conjunction with South Korean game publishing company Neowiz, has launched a $10 million ‘Gaming Initiative Grant Program,’ to support developers building on the ecosystem (Link).

New Games Added

  • DSpace is an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven location-based NFT game that allows players to capture, train, and explore virtual beasts in the metaverse.
  • Tinytap is a code-free educational game creation platform that allows teachers and parents to create fun-filled interactive learning activities.

Launchpad – Upcoming Sales

Below are upcoming gaming sales found on Seedify and Polkastarter: 

Kaokuma is a multiplayer online APRG game with immersive combat systems and mechanics within a graphics-intensive metaverse. Players will play a role and fight in epic battles using specially designed NFT assets. 

Date of Sale: TBA

Games for a Living (G4AL) develops AAA-quality blockchain games and tools for gamers & developers to benefit from Blockchain technology.

Date of Sale: TBA

ARtonar is the first app-less 3D and augmented reality NFT generation platform for the metaverse. 

Date of Sale: TBA

Realm Hunter is a quest-based, semi open world RPG play and earn experience inspired from the likes of Pokemon and Genshin Impact

Date of Sale: TBA

Aradena Battlegrounds is a medieval fantasy metaverse. Fight with medieval warriors and fantastical beasts in a revolutionary PvP miniature strategy combat genre. 

Date of Sale: TBA

Amazy is a GameFi fitness app that allows users to wear virtual sneakers and walk or jog to earn $AMT tokens.

Date of Sale: TBA

War Legends is a tank-based Web3 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game set in an 

alternate history where WW2 never ended.

Date of Sale: TBA

Citizen Conflict is an upcoming free-to-play hero shooter game built in Unreal Engine 5 and launching on the BNB Chain. The game is looking to raise $650,000.

Date of Sale: TBA

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Top games by market cap, gainers and losers, fundraising, new games and launchpad sales.


Ephraim Austin
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