Mae Vesta of ‘Here for the Art’ NFTs on Joepegs’ Mashup Monday

Jethro Sandico

Jul. 19, 2022

Argentine artist Mae Vesta, of Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project Here for the Art, made a guest appearance on Joepegs’ Twitter Spaces “Mashup Monday” sessions on July 12, 2022, discussing art and the overall NFT market.

Here for the Art Launched on emerging NFT marketplace Joepegs on July 6. It is one of the latest collections on the Avalanche Network. The project features the digital collage art style of Vesta, known to followers as the nature-loving Community Manager of Friend Forest.

Main Talking Points

On an episode of Mashup Monday, Mae Vesta talked about diversity, inclusivity, and the state of the NFT art scene. She pointed out the scarcity of knowledge and information about the technology. She also expressed her desire to bring in more people to the nascent space. 

“Sometimes it’s hard to explain to people what it is and some artists are really against it or they just don’t really have the information,” Vesta said. “I think that’s something that we’re really interested in, you know, onboarding more people, being more inclusive, especially for female artists. I think it’s a great opportunity, and we’re at the right moment to do this.”

Similar to other male-dominated communities and industries, the lack of women is also apparent in crypto and Web3. A fact that drives artists like Vesta to empower and support fellow female artists dabbling in NFTs.

Two weeks after Here for the Art’s launched on Joepegs, 154 holders own a part of the limited collection, only 202 pieces released. Mae Vesta also took her time to thank Joepegs for the opportunity to release her own artworks.

“I’m super glad that you also gave me the opportunity to launch on Joepegs because I feel like you know it’s nice to have diversity and it’s nice to be a female artist on the Avalanche network right now and I’m super excited about that,” Vesta said.

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