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Legends of Bezogia: New Game and Tokenomics Update

Posted August 11, 2022 4:00 pm
3 min
By Jethro Sandico

Legends of Bezogia hosted a biweekly Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on August 9, 2022, on YouTube. The 2-hour AMA shed some light on the game’s token, along with progress reports on the side of development, marketing and content.

Here’s what we’ve learned from the session:

Progress on New Game Under Development

The team is currently merging and testing the system to ensure a successful beta. All the models of weapons and the graphics are good to go, and the UI and backend are working smoothly as well.

Players asking about the Alpha, however, will have to wait longer for further updates, since the team is pouring all of their efforts into the beta testing. Here’s a video that covers some gameplay.

Marketing and Content

Legends of Bezogia gained some traction after CEO/Co-Founder Steve Murray’s August 5 guesting on Blockchain Game Alliance’s “New Members Presentation,” which helped expose the game to thousands of BGA followers.

“After that event, I had a few people within the BGA community reach out to me, looking into potential partnerships and other ways we can work together,” Murray said.

What is Legends of Bezogia?

Legends of Bezogia is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) set in the “Magical World of Bezogia,” a land created by Sir Sogi Nakamoto (probably inspired by supposed Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto), “to rid the world of trolls.”

In the game, players are required to obtain a Bezogi NFT to craft weapons, accomplish quests, and engage in PvP and PvE battles.

Tokenomics Update

While the team is planning to launch a new $ZOGI token, Bezoge Earth ($BEZOGE) will continue to circulate in the ecosystem and maintain its original utilities, including staking.

“Bezoge token is officially the foundational token for Zogi Labs. For the people who prefer to utilize the Bezoge token, we are going to be creating a way for them to wrap it. So that – without incurring any fees – they can use the token,” Zogi Labs Co-Founder/Project Lead Ahmed “Zak” Zakaria said.

  • Bezoge Earth ($BEZOGE) – The ERC20 token on Ethereum functions as the games utility token, as well as the main token for ZOGI Labs’ entire ecosystem. $BEZOGE can be used in the game for rewarding, accessing, and also as a revenue-generating governance token. As of this writing $BEZOGE is trading at $0.0000000009696, with a $42,139,255 market cap, and a $26,009 24-hour volume (per CoinMarketCap).
  • Magical Blocks ($MBLK) –  Also an ERC20 token, $MBLK is the in-game currency of Legends of Bezogia, as well as other future Bezoge Earth projects. The token can be earned by defeating enemies, completing quests, or as a staking reward.

Bezogi NFTs

Bezogis are the NFTs required to play the game, and the collection consists of 4,096 collectible and tradeable characters with varying rarities and breeds. Bezogis also have a built-in WebGL environment, making it playable even on the NFT market.

As of August 10, 2022, Bezogi NFTs are priced as low as 0.20 ETH, and as high as 900 $ETH on the popular NFT marketplace OpenSea. They are hosted on Polygon.

Petzogi NFTs

Petzogis are the result of “a Bezogi summoning gone wrong.” There are 4,096 of them living on the Polygon blockchain. The floor price is 0.16 ETH.

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