Launching into Space with Imperium Empires

Ephraim Austin

Jun. 17, 2022

This week our focus was on Imperium Empires, the upcoming AAA space metaverse game launching on Avalanche. Here’s a breakdown of all the weekly alpha. 

Game Introduction

Recently, we tweeted a thread with a brief introduction of the game. So what exactly is Imperium Empires? The game is a AAA, third-person, real-time strategy (RTS) game that takes place in the Imperium metaverse. The game includes player-vs-environment (PvE), player-vs-player (PvP), and other economic activities that players can take part in.   

The creators of the game identified four problems with most blockchain games:

  • Low quality graphics
  • Unsustainable tokenomics
  • Lack of DeFi integration
  • Lack of guild-based gameplay

Because of this, the devs are addressing each of these concerns with the following: 

Imperium Empires

The game lies in the Imperium metaverse governed by the Cooperation and consists of many Star Systems divided into three main areas: 

  • Safe Zone: Ideal for new players who want to learn how to play the game, as well as old players who want to enjoy PvE gameplay and stay away from large scale PvP conflicts.
  • Combat Zone: The Cooperation maintains some degree of control in the combat zone. For spaceships shot down by other players here, only spaceship components added on top are destroyed, with spaceships only temporarily disabled. They can be fixed using the same mechanics in the safe zone.
  • War Zone: The war zone is in deep space and out of the Cooperation’s reach. All spaceships and components can be destroyed in combat.


Given the large scale of the metaverse, traveling from one place to another needs to be carefully planned to avoid taking too much time or accidentally traveling to risky districts. 

IE - Zones map

Players can teleport from one region to another through star-gates, and players will need to pay a passage fee to the star-gates owner for using the star-gates.

Some star-gates are owned by the Cooperation which players can use to travel from one zone to another. While others are owned by guilds who conquered the regions where star-gates are located.


PVE Mining: In the metaverse there are asteroids which contain different types of ores that players can use for different purposes such as building structures or selling on the open market. There will be spaceships specifically designed for mining that can maximize mining efficiencies. Players can also use a wide variety of mining equipment (mining lasers, asteroids scanners, cargo extension, etc.) to increase mining efficiencies and capacities for different types of asteroids.

Imperium Empires Mining

PVE Transport: In-game items, such as mine ores or ship components, need to be transported from one location to another. Players need to engage skilled haulers to transport important goods and materials, especially in the case where it involves traveling through different zones.

While goods and materials are in transit, other players can intercept them through direct combat with those moving them. Upon destroying the ships containing any cargos, players can loot and claim the items as their own.

PVE Co-Op Missions: Pirate activities happen daily in the metaverse. Players can call on fellow guild members to fend off a pirate attack and potentially loot the destroyed pirate ship. 

PVP: PVP combat can take place anywhere in the metaverse. Apart from battling with other players for valuable resources scattered throughout the combat zone and war zone, guilds can also take control of areas. By taking control, guilds can build structures such as refineries, stargates, or star bases. 

During PvP combat in the combat or war zone, spaceships and components can be destroyed in battles. It is possible that some ship components remain intact or can be salvaged and repaired. Meaning that they can be looted by the winning players.


The in-game NFT assets are spaceships, lands and faction characters. The devs created a unique NFT burn mechanism, allowing NFTs to be damaged or destroyed in PvP player zones. This mechanic reduces volatility in the NFT supply growth as new players join the Imperium metaverse.


Guilds are central to the gameplay of the Imperium metaverse. Each guild will need to own or lease a piece of land in the safe zone to build their star-bases to provide members with essential support.


Our originally-scheduled AMA with the Imperium Empires team is postponed. Keep an eye on our Twitter account for an updated schedule as we’ll be discussing with the team their new game and upcoming sale. We have already given away three whitelist spots for upcoming sale with more to come on the show. 

That’s all the alpha for this week on Imperium Empires. Stay tuned as we will be bringing you a weekly summary every Friday.

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