Kaiju Kingz NFT Collection Continues to Build Despite Challenges

Jethro Sandico

Aug. 16, 2022

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection Kaiju Kingz may have had a challenging Q2 in 2022, after facing hacks on Discord servers from April to June that affected the project along with Bored Ape Yacht Club, Doodlez, Moonbirds and Shamanz, among others.

The team has moved forward since then by continuing to push for a Play-to-Earn model, along with the launch of its second NFT collection called Scientists, as well as some partnerships and advocacies.

Let’s take a look at some of the recent developments:

Financials and Merchandise

On June 13th, the team made an announcement stating that the project has solid financial footing, with enough funds to support development for at least 2 years, regardless of market conditions or secondary sales. The team also confirmed that they are developing a merchandise line for both web2 and web3 communities.


In mid-May, Kaiju Kingz released a fully customizable NFT collection called “Scientists,” which is part of the team’s foray into P2E. Making its debut as part of the Mutant Kaiju campaign, Scientists has been reintroduced as its own collection and its holders can earn $SCALES token by staking their Genesis or Baby Kaiju NFTs.

Along with the launch of Scientists, the project’s creator Augminted Labs also expanded Kaiju Kingz’ P2E system, making it a one-stop-shop that allows NFT owners to stake, claim, fuse, steal, and extract. 

Kaiju King NFT collection

Ryan Trahan and Feeding America

On June 16, Kaiju Kingz partnered with YouTuber Ryan Trahan and charitable organization Feeding America to donate $100,000 (the equivalent of a million meals) to indigent children and families. 

“Promoting change through charitable donations has been a huge passion of our team and we are happy to join in this fight,” the team stated.

What is Kaiju Kingz?

Launched in October 2021, Kaiju Kingz is a pixel art style collection of 3,333 “larger-than-life” beasts called Kaijus. 

“Kaiju” is a Japanese word that refers to the giant monsters from Films and TV Shows such as Pacific Rim and Ultraman. The project is gradually evolving to become a fully gamified experience that leverages NFT technology while deploying a Play-to-Earn system.

As of this writing, Kaiju Kingz NFTs have a total volume of 30k ETH, with prices ranging from 0.35 ETH to 35 ETH (Per OpenSea). The average price has fluctuated between 0.5 and 2.0 ETH, in the past 2 months.

Kaiju Kingz NFT Price Chart


  • $SCALES: The primary function of the $SCALES token is to produce the new token DNA, which is a requirement for the Mutant DNA process. Players can earn $SCALES by staking their Kaiju NFTs.
  • $RWASTE: Radioactive Waste ($RWASTE) is a utility token that holders can use to create baby Kaijus and hybrid beasts, or upgrade data, among others.
Kaiju King NFT collection

Augminted Labs

Spearheaded by co-founders CEO Nathan Flickinger, artist Philip Prescott, and Developer Robert Qiu, Augminted Labs is a Web3-focused company that specializes in P2E gaming, NFT maintenance and management, smart contract consultation, and Web3 Development.

In late April, Filipino mythology-inspired NFT collection Aswang Tribe partnered with Augminted Labs to craft smart contracts and other Web3 developments, as part of the project’s goals to build a metaverse brand.

Things to Look Out For

Some of the Augminted Lab’s future plans include the launch of “Voxelized” (3D models) versions of the Kaijus, as well as the Decentralized Autonomous Organization’s (DAO) use of the community’s funds in aiding and nurturing upcoming talents.

Along with project developments, the team is also planning to add more utility to $RWASTE (which includes cosmetic upgrade redemption), as well as airdrops and the formation of an Esports team.