Joepegs Shines Spotlight on Satoverse NFT Collection

Jethro Sandico

Jul. 22, 2022

Avalanche-based Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace Joepegs puts the artist spotlight on the Satoverse collection on July 14, 2022. The Pepe the Frog-inspired project is featured on a Joe Content substack article by Levi.

Main Talking Points

The write-up delves deeper into the project’s origins and its creator Sato, while emphasizing the mundanity of modern life as a driving force for creative pursuit.

“Born from the idle mind of an office drone, the Satoverse became an escape from the boredom of the office. The mind wanders to wild places when trying to pass time, and this collection is a journey through these many destinations through a spin on the classic character of Pepe the Frog,” Levi wrote.

According to the piece, the Satoverse began when Sato found art as a sort of personal sanctuary for his corporate work struggles. Drawing became a habit for the budding artist until he came up with his own spin on Pepe the Frog, a classic internet meme that originated from Matt Furie’s 2005 comics Boy’s Club.

“He gradually honed in on a style, eventually finding his own spin on the classic character of Pepe the Frog. Soon after finding his stride, drawing the ‘Sato Frog’ became almost second-nature to him,” continued Levi.

Because Sato regularly sought inspiration from his work environment and daily activities. By blending them with his daydreams, emotions, and thoughts. His drawings produced a journal-like quality that most people can relate to.

While Sato has limitations as an artist, it is his lack of technical prowess that makes his work “authentic” according to Levi. For the author of the article, there is a certain charm if you look at how the NFT creator was “forced to work within his constraints,” to translate his imagination into paper.

The Satoverse started out as a free mint in 2022, before gaining more followers. It put out 100 unique personifications of the frog character. As of this writing, there are 73 “Sato Frog” owners according to Joepegs. The current floor price is at 24.00 $AVAX (with some pieces listing as high as 777 $AVAX).

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