Internet Game Raises $7M to Reinvent HQ Trivia

Jethro Sandico

Sep. 06, 2022

Internet Game, a reinvention of trivia mobile game HQ Trivia, has raised $7 million in a seed funding round on September 3, 2022.

HQ Trivia co-founder Rus Yusupov led the seed round along with other investors including Dragonfly Capital, Delphi Digital, ParaFi Capital, Uniswap Ventures, Gmoney, Milk Road, Ready Player DAO, Collab+Currency, and Magic Eden Co-Founder Zedd.

Here’s what we’ve learned about the project so far:

Season 1: Squid Game

In March, Internet Game launched “Season 1: Squid Game.” The team sold 8,000 “Game Token” NFTs that players can stake and gain access to the event’s five days and five games. 

“Metaverse Access Card” NFTs are awarded to the remaining participants after the fifth game. Meanwhile, top 100 players by points received one blue chip NFT each. Included in the rewards are collections such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, Azuki, Doodles, and NeoTokyo, among others.

Using the digital assets, a holder’s rank and score can also be sold to another player.

“Unlike most projects, our ‘utility’ and main KPI is fun,” Jordan Lejuwaan, co-founder and CEO, stated, adding “The experiences we create are an emotional rollercoaster for everyone that plays. The unanimous response from Season 1 was that it was the most fun people had ever had in Web3.”

Squid Game

Season 2: Bear Market Battle

Internet Game: Season 2 is slated to launch on September 12, and will run until September 23. Dubbed “Bear Market Battle,” in reference to the current market slump (click here to know more about the bear market), the tournament will feature six new games.

Season 2 will be hosted by NFT influencer Gmoney and Clubhouse comedy show host Leah Lamarr. 

According to Lejuwaan, the team aims to make future seasons more accessible to people who are new or unfamiliar to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. To achieve more adoption, the company is planning to establish a lower bar for entry. Additionally, they also plan to introduce noncustodial wallets for prizes, and a payment system that accepts dollars.

Internet Game: Season 2

From HQ Trivia to Internet Game

HQ Trivia is a trivia mobile game created by Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll, formerly of Intermedia Labs. Released in 2017, it is the original game that sparked the “HQ” series. The said series included titles such as HQ Words, HQ Tunes, and HQ Sports, to name a few.

Employing a live trivia game show format, HQ Trivia features a host asking multiple choice questions that increase in difficulty every round. The game allows players to answer each question within a 10-second time limit. By providing the correct answers, players can earn points and face other challenges. On the other hand, elimination awaits the losing participants.

During the app’s pinnacle, the prizes soared to as much as $300,000 and featured big name presenters such as WWE wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. The game also won the A-Train Award for Best Mobile Game at the 2018 New York Game Awards.

After gaining popularity in 2018, HQ Trivia took a downward plunge when the app experienced several technical issues. This was followed with reports of unprofessional conduct of some show hosts, and a questionable system of paying winners. The partnership quickly disbanded in the same year, with Kroll succumbing to drug overdose in mid-December.

Fast forward to 2022  and Yusupov has successfully closed a funding round that could bring back the game’s mechanics. Describing itself as “HQ Trivia meets NFTs,” Internet Game has already started minting access tokens for Season 2.