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Installing MetaMask to Play Crypto Games

Posted July 7, 2022 9:07 pm
7 min
By Leo Almeida

For anyone new to crypto, you’ve probably heard people talking about various different coins and play-and-earn games only to check your Coinbase account for those coins with no luck. Is there some hidden crypto frontier beyond the grasp of Binance or eToro

In a word, yes.

Major exchanges like Coinbase, Binance and Kraken are known as centralized exchanges and they filter and decide what coins they offer for trading. This can be thought of as the shallow end of the crypto pool. In the metaphorical deep end, one can find decentralized exchanges (DEX’s) and that’s where the real action happens in crypto. 

Decentralized exchanges are peer-to-peer marketplaces where users can trade cryptocurrencies in a non-custodial manner without the need for an intermediary. This opens the door for you to trade a seemingly limitless number of cryptocurrencies. However, you’ll need a wallet such as MetaMask, to interact with these exchanges. 

Today, we will show you how to start your P2E journey by teaching you how to install MetaMask and deposit funds to play blockchain games. We’ll use Pizza Game as the game example and Chrome as the browser.

Let’s get ready to jump in the deep end. 

Installing Metamask

Installing MetaMask

The first step is to go to your browser’s web store and find the MetaMask app. Add to Chrome as a browser extension.

Add MetaMask as Chrome browser extension

After this, a tab will open, click Get Started, and afterward click Create a Wallet. ⬆️

MetaMask Create Password

You will be required to create a password for your Wallet. Make sure it’s long and stored in a safe place.

MetaMask Secret Recovery Phrase

After inputting the password we come to the most critical step of this guide, the Secret Recovery Phrase. This is will allow you to log in to your wallet from other devices as well as recover your account if you lose your password.  

Important! You should write your Secret Recovery Phrase on a piece of paper or in a trustworthy place and you should never disclose your Phrase because anyone with this phrase can take all your assets forever.

After writing your phrase in a safe place, click Next and confirm your Secret Recovery Phrase.

Congratulations, you’ve entered the decentralized wonderland that is crypto.

But there’s still more to do if we want to play blockchain games.  

Setting up Avalanche Network on MetaMask

Metamask by default is on the Ethereum Mainnet. Depending on what game you are looking to play, you will have to set up a different Network. Since we’re interested in Pizza Game you will have to add Avalanche.

Setting up Avalanche Network on MetaMask

First, click the icon on the MetaMask extension, then click on Ethereum Mainnet at the top and click: Add Network. After doing this, the following tab should open up. ⬇️

MetaMask Settings

Now we have to fill this information with the Avalanche network info:

Stay with me as we are almost there.

After filling in all the info which adds the network, you’ll need to make sure the proper network is now selected. Check to make sure Avalanche Network is selected.

MetaMask Avalanche Network is selected

How to deposit funds in your AVAX wallet

To start playing Pizza Game you need to buy at least one Chef, which at the time of writing, will cost about 2.4 AVAX in NFTrade. To buy it, you’ll need to deposit AVAX into your MetaMask wallet; and to do that you’ll have to buy AVAX from an exchange first.  

In this example, we will use Binance as the chosen exchange. After buying the AVAX you need, go to Fiat and Spot Wallet and it should show something like this: ⬇️

Avax Fiat and Spot Wallet

Click on Withdraw on the AVAX coin and the following screen should show up:

Avax Withdraw Crypto

Now, we need to get our MetaMask wallet address. To get that, click on the MetaMask extension icon and select the Avalanche Network.

MetaMask Avalanche Network

Under “Account 1” you will have your address. Left-click it to copy and paste it on Binance and select Network AVAXC.

Avax Avalanche Network AVAXC

Choose the amount of AVAX you’d like to sent to your MetaMask wallet and click Withdraw.

In a few minutes, or maybe even a few seconds, it should show up in your MetaMask wallet. 

Buying NFTs

Now that we have the funds we need to buy Chef NFTs we can start playing Pizza Game.

Go to the NFTrade’s Pizza Game Chefs page, click Connect Account on the top right corner, click MetaMask, and click Next and Connect.

Connect with MetaMask

Now, select the Chef you want to buy and click Buy Now.

Pizza Game Chef

When this screen shows up, make sure to confirm. ⬇️

Pizza Game Waiting for Payment Approval

After approval, you now own a Chef NFT and are ready to enter the digital pizza-making business.

Go to the game website, click connect wallet and start cooking $RONI!

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