Imperium Empires to Launch PvP Alpha Game

Jethro Sandico

Sep. 12, 2022

Sci-fi metaverse game Imperium Empires is slated to release its PvP Alpha Game on September 14, 2022, the team announced on September 9. 

The much-anticipated Alpha PvP game will allow players to use their spaceship Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to battle each other. Players can maintain their winning streak to climb up the leaderboard rankings and possibly receive a portion of the 7,000,000 $IME prize pool. 

Additionally, the Imperium team is giving away $20 for lucky draw winners. Interested participants are required to follow the Imperium Empires Twitter page, and then like and retweet (tag three friends) the game’s official announcement.

Let’s take a deeper look at the upcoming release.

Imperium Empires Alpha PvP

Basically, Alpha PvP is the main game and it offers more active engagement than the mining-focused Apollo. It is also designed to gather feedback from the community as well as introduce new features such as multiplayer combat and skill system.

Along with showcasing recent game developments, the Alpha will also stress test the multiplayer game server. This is to ensure that the system can handle the influx of users in the future, and also expose and address the game’s flaws.

Alpha PvP will soon be available for Windows PC and Mac (click here to check the recommended system requirements). However, the game does not support mobile at the moment.

Imperium Empires

Gameplay and Rewards

Players are tasked to survive while collecting Loot Boxes throughout the game’s 5-minute duration. The more loot boxes accumulated, the higher the score. 

During battles, spaceships will fire shots automatically when opponents are within range (players can move their fleet to avoid attacks). Upon destroying an enemy’s “leader,” the victorious player can collect the Loot Boxes left behind by the losing fleet.

Imperium Empires will allot its 7,000,000 $IME prize pool for the Alpha PvP. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Top 1: 2,100,000 $IME
  • Top 2: 1,400,000 $IME
  • Top 3: 700,000 $IME
  • Top 4-10: 200,000 $IME
  • 10 Lucky Draw Winners: 140,000 $IME


The rankings on the leaderboard will determine who will receive rewards at the end of the season (guest players are not eligible to earn prizes). A players’ highest total score in his/her best three recorded matches will reflect on the leaderboard, which will be announced weekly on Twitter.

Release Date

The first season of the Alpha starts on September 14, 2022 1pm UTC, and will run for a month (the team will announce the end of the season later). The first week is a closed test exclusive to TriPod-X and Pelicouter minters and holders. The Alpha will gradually offer access to more players after the initial phase.

How to Join

To play Imperium Empires, interested participants are required to own at least one Spaceship NFT. Players must also have a metamask wallet (click here to learn how to set up one), and register an account. The team will provide the download link before the start of the Alpha PvP.

Launch Party Livestream

A launch party livestream is happening on September 13, 4pm UTC to celebrate Alpha PvP’s release. The Imperium team invited long-term partners Avalaunch, SparkWorld, and Trader Joe, to name a few. The party will reveal the latest project updates, and a live PvP battle gameplay demo stream.

About Imperium Empires

Imperium Empires is a space-themed AAA game that employs elements of 3rd person Real-Time Strategy Games (RTS). With its high-quality graphics and dynamic gameplay, Imperium Empires is a popular NFT game on the Avalanche blockchain in 2022.

Set in the Imperium metaverse, the game offers PvE and PvP gameplay modes. Imperium Empires also has a Team-to-Earn model that allows participants to join guilds, conquer, and build empires.


Imperium Empires utilizes the tokens $IMC and $IME.


$IMC is a game currency that players can usually earn through selling mined ores. Holders can use the tokens as guild construction contributions or payments for repairing damaged ships, among others.


$IME is a governance token that players can earn through seasonal tournament rewards. Holders can use the tokens for purchasing exclusive NFTs, or staking to level up guilds. 

As of this writing, $IME is trading at $0.0004656, with a $385,434 market cap, and 24-hour volume of $66,791 (per CoinMarketCap).

Imperium Empires Chart