Imperium Empires NFT Mint on Avalaunch

Jethro Sandico

Aug. 24, 2022

AAA Space metaverse game Imperium Empires announced the TriPod-X NFT Mint on decentralized fundraising platform Avalaunch

The latest spaceship NFT is slated for release at Avalaunch Mint on August 26, 2022. To celebrate the collaboration, the Imperium Empires team will also introduce a limited TriPod-X Avalaunch Special Edition

“Join the Avalaunch Mint and have a chance to get the exclusive red fighter ships in the Imperium Metaverse!” the team stated.

All players who will purchase a TriPod-X will receive a closed Alpha PvP game pass. Minters of the spacecraft will be the first to play in the pre-season tournament and earn $IME tokens. Moreover, owners can also use the TriPod-X to play Imperium Empires: Apollo.

The much-awaited launch of the Alpha multiplayer PvP is happening before the end of August and lucky players will get the chance to take control of spaceships and fight with other participants in a battle royale setting.

Owning a fighter ship like the Tripod-X has a lot of benefits in combat as it comes equipped with double weapon slots, as well as shield slots.

TriPod-X NFT

Here are some of the ship’s stats:

  • Rarity: Ultra Rare
  • Class: Fighter
  • Size Class: 2
  • Length: 650
  • Health: Level 6 (SSS-SS)
  • Speed: Level 6 (SSS-B)
  • Turn Rate: Level 7 (SSS-B)
  • Cargo Capacity: Level 3 (SSS-SS)
  • Base Power: 900

A ship’s Health/Speed/Turn Rate/Capacity has 5 strength levels namely: SSS, SS, S, A and B. 

SSS is the most rare and powerful, while B is the most common and least powerful. The strength of each statistic will be generated randomly during minting.

imperium empires tipod-x nft spaceship special avalaunch edition

Instructions to Mint the NFT

Before you Mint: If you are new to Imperium Empires, please create an Imperium Empires account beforehand. The Imperium Empires Account allows you to check your NFT status, play Apollo and the upcoming PvP game with your spaceship NFTs.

How to Register

  1. Visit
  2. Click login at the top left corner to register an account
  3. Verify your email
  4. Bind the wallet that you are going to mint TriPod-X to the Imperium Empires Account.
  5. Done! You can now check your NFTs in the Inventory page.

About Imperium Empires

Imperium Empires is the world’s first AAA space metaverse game. Combining elements of 3rd person Real-Time Strategy with a variety of PvE and PvP gameplay, the Avalanche-based title employs a Team-to-Earn model that allows players to join guilds, conquer, and build empires.

One of the main strengths of the game is its high-quality graphics and dynamic gameplay, courtesy of a phenomenal team of veterans in the technology and entertainment industry.

Token Report

Imperium Empires utilizes the tokens $IMC and $IME.

$IMC is a game currency that can be earned through selling mined ores, as well as guild distributions.  The token can be used for repairing damaged ships, or contributing to guild construction funds.

$IME is a governance token that holders can use for purchasing exclusive NFTs, or staking to level up guilds. Players can earn the token through seasonal tournament rewards, as well as selling components from looted ships.

As of this writing, $IME is trading at $0.0008767, with a $630,734 market cap, and 24-hour volume of $74,419 (per CoinMarketCap).

Imperium Empires Chart

NFT Marketplace

If you don’t want to wait for the mint, you can buy a ship off of the game’s internal marketplace. The floor price on the cheapest ship, which is a scooter, is 8,440 $IME or $7.35 USD.

Apollo Season 1

Basically, Apollo is an idle mining game that serves as a companion to the main game. According to an announcement by the team, Season 1 is scheduled to end on August 29 at 4:00 UTC.

At the end of the tournament, a $5,000 prize pool will be given away to players with Silver Credits.

When the new season starts, all spaceships will be returned to the hangar, regardless of their current status. The leaderboard will also reset, requiring players to form new fleets with new ships. Additionally, all resources from silver credits, to ores and refined materials stored in the ship and the hangar will be scrapped.

Right after Season 1 ends, Apollo will go into maintenance mode before deploying patch 1.1. T and will commence Season 2 immediately after the procedure.