Imperium Empires: Apollo Game Guide

Leo Almeida

Jun. 23, 2022

Imperium Empires is a AAA blockchain game which plans to release Apollo, its web-based NFT space game. The dev team is using Apollo as an economic test to ensure their play-and-earn game economy is sustainable long-term. In this guide, we’ll cover all you need to know before starting the game.

Apollo lets players start earning in-game rewards with spaceship NFTs. It’s worth pointing out that Apollo is separate from the Imperium Empires Alpha Game which will also be launching soon. Apollo simulates supplies and demands of the in-game resources. Players can use their NFTs to play and Mine resources in the Imperium Metaverse. Also, players can earn the locked version of the in-game currency $IMC or L-IMC. This can be used in Apollo, but cannot be unlocked and minted into $IMC until the release of future versions of Imperium Empires.

In Apollo, players’ purpose is to manage and send their spaceship NFTs Fleets to Mine, Lurk, Refine and Trade resources in the Imperium metaverse. It’s a grand strategy game with limitless options so players will have to figure out the best route to maximize their gameplay.


Zones (Tier 3: Safe Zone, Tier 2: Combat Zone, and Tier 1: War Zone)

Imperium Empires Zones

There are three different tiers of zones in the game with each being subdivided into Land Zectors. Each tier has different levels of risks and rewards. The higher the tier, the riskier it is and the more resources it contains. Conversely, the lower the tier the less risky but with fewer resources.


Imperium Empires zectors

When a player sends their Fleet inside a Zone he will see a galactic map showing the Zectors of that Zone, just like the image above.

To start, the player will have to choose a Zector with a dock for his spaceship. It takes players’ time and fuel to send their spaceship Fleets to travel from one Zector to another. If a player runs out of fuel he can still travel between Zectors, but the traveling time will increase drastically. Upon arriving at each Zector and depending on the location, players can take different actions such as Mine, Refine, Trade, Lurk, and Dock.


Imperium Empires Mine

When a player’s spaceship Fleet arrives at a Zector containing a mining site, the player can choose to Mine for Raw Ores. Mining rewards will vary based on the type of ship and how many players are mining. 

After mining is completed the ores will be stored in the cargo areas of the spaceships on the player’s Fleet. However, there is a chance a Fleet can fail to Mine, lose their cargo, and be damaged because other Fleets were Lurking in the same Zector. The chance of getting attacked depends on multiple factors such as ship type and how many spaceships are Lurking.


Imperium Empires Refine

After successfully mining Raw Ores, players need to travel to Zectors with refineries to turn their Raw Ores into Refined Materials. Keep in mind that each refinery can only Refine one type of ore, so players have to travel to different refineries to Refine different materials. Like mining, players are at risk of losing all their cargo if there are Lurking Fleets in the refining site.


Imperium Empires Trade

After refining materials, players will have to travel to the Trade House, where they can exchange refined materials for Silver Credits. Silver Credits are what dictate each player’s L-IMC earnings. The more a player has, the more he can share from the L-IMC reward pool every season. Just like mining and refining, players are at risk of being Lurked by other players.


Imperium Empires Lurk

Instead of mining, refining or trading, players can also choose to Lurk in the Fleets of other players in a Zector. The chances of success are proportional to the number of players Lurking and the power of the Fleets. If successful, the Lurking players damage a percentage of Fleets that are mining, refining, or trading and take all damaged Fleets’ items in their cargo. The Lurked cargo is distributed among all players that were Lurking in that Zector.

When a Fleets becomes disabled it can only travel between Zectors but cannot participate in any action except docking. While docked the player will either need to wait for self-repair or spend L-IMC to repair it immediately. 


Spaceship Fleets can only dock in specific Zectors. When docking, players can rearrange their Fleets and refuel them and also load or unload their Fleets’ cargo. This creates interesting decision-making to optimize efficiency. Is it better to dock less often to Mine more and have less travel time, or dock more frequently to avoid being Lurked?

Seasonal Gameplay

Apollo will be held in seasons and L-IMC rewards will be calculated on a seasonal basis. The reward pool of L-IMC is a fixed amount for each season. Each player’s L-IMC earning is determined by their Silver Credit holdings weighted by the total number of Silver Credit of all players.

The Apollo release kick-starts play-and-earn for Imperium Empires and provides more utilities for the in-game NFTs. Apollo currently focuses more on the PvE elements in Imperium Empires. For players who want to enjoy PvP fighting with other players, the Alpha Game launch is coming soon.

Start playing the game

If you are interested in playing Apollo, here’s how to get started:

  1. Download and install a crypto wallet that is compatible with Avalanche
  2. Create an account and log in at Imperium Empires.
  3. Go to Trader Joe and buy $IME so you can purchase Spaceship NFTs to build a Fleet.
  4. Buy at least 1 Spaceship at the Imperium Empires Marketplace.
  5. Transfer your spaceships from your wallet and lock them in the Imperium Empires Hangar smart contract.
  6. Launch your first Fleet in Apollo to explore the Imperium Metaverse. Select a dock in the Zector and press launch Fleet.

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