Illuvium Launches Private Beta 2, Reveals Massive Updates

Jethro Sandico

Oct. 20, 2022

Much-anticipated auto-battler/Role-Playing Game (RPG) Illuvium is one of the most exciting projects to emerge in Web3 in 2022. Its loyal community is currently enjoying the game’s Private Beta 2, along with a slew of offerings, including showcases, giveaway prizes and massive developer updates.

Let’s take a deeper look at what’s new in Illuvium.

Private Beta 2

On October 19, Immutable Co-Founder Robbie Ferguson tweeted that Illuvium private beta – which just went live – already has over 30,000 gamers playing. According to Ferguson, 1.8 million players signed up for the open beta, signaling the “start of the wave of high quality web3 games.”

Immutable is the Syndey-based dev company behind Layer-2 (L2) solution Immutable X. Recently, the ecosystem has become an emerging choice for titles (such as Illuvium) that are looking to scale their projects. 

Illuvium also announced on October 14, that they are giving away 500 access passes to the private beta. To enter the contest, participants were required to register and solve a puzzle.

Illuvium Showcase

The team shared a 42-minute YouTube video on October 19. The in-depth vid was titled: “Illuvium Showcase: Unexpected Art, Legendary Characters, and Mind Bending Animations.” The latest Showcase episode treated fans to the game’s latest animation offerings. Using Unreal Engine, Illuvium art director Grant Warwick delighted blockchain gamers with new art and characters, as well as the project’s expansive environment.

*Click here for more stories on Unreal Engine’s developer Epic Games. 

Illuvium x Bulldogs

On October 19, the team announced some great news for the game’s loyal supporters. 19 lucky players who bought Illuvium Cosplay Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), will receive signed game-worn Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs rugby jerseys. The team will send a notification via email, and will ship the prize directly to the winners.

Dev Blog (September)

Brace yourselves for Illuvium’s dev updates. The latest progress recap is totally packed with information. Here’s what we’ve learned about the project.

Illuvium Arena

Illuvium Arena allows players to battle against one another and climb up the rankings.

The release of PB2 (Arena 0.2.0) brought a great deal of optimizations to the game. Although the team isn’t planning on releasing patch 0.2.2 in October yet, players can still consider the recent changes as an early holiday gift. 

Changes include a major rework of the VFX system, increasing the frame rate for machines with lower capabilities. This required the team to find ways to reduce texture sizes, while maintaining visual fidelity.

The dev team also made some improvements to Illuvium’s simulation core. As a result, server and client will now experience better communication. In addition to that, targeting works smoother now, and with reduced errors.

Players will also soon enjoy more freedom in tweaking the behavior of next generation Illuvials. This is due to the team making some changes to the attributes and abilities of the alien beasts. Moreover, the game also underwent some UI changes, as well as refinements to the server connection (which helped in the elimination of connection bugs).

Illuvium Overworld

Illuvium Overworld allows players to explore Illuvium’s vast world.

Due to some internal system issues, the team experienced some delays to the upcoming Overworld project. However, they still managed to improve and prepare the Crimson Waste and Sanctum Mesa regions for the beta release.

Overworld now has a leaderboard to encourage more competitiveness among participants. Moreover, the team has also done a lot of polishing on the game’s animation, textures, and User Interface (UI), as well as the Crimson Waste Battle board.

Illuvium Zero

Basically, Illuvium Zero is a base-building mini-game that serves as a companion to Illuvium. The project allows users to develop and manage their “digital industrial complex.”

Most of the recent progress on Illuvium Zero is focused on art and gameplay. Firstly, the art team has finalized all region art and the dev team has already integrated them. 

Aside from improvements on the game’s UI and other cosmetics, Zero also added minor changes to gameplay features. For example, the paths and holo statues now play more significant roles in the game and are no longer nonessential visual elements.


According to the Illuvium team, its built-in Decentralized Exchange (DEX) known as “IlluviDEX,” has become “relatively mature.” Along with kicking off production for IlluviDEX v2, the team also moved testing to Goerli, which describes itself as a “cross-client Proof-of-Authority (PoA) testing network for Ethereum.”

Currently, IlluviDEX boasts an improved analytics and fraud detection system, along with minor hotfixes, and other enhancements. In addition to that, the platform has introduced account areas in support of Profile Picture (PFP) collection Illuvitars.

Furthermore, the team has transferred to L1 functionality, introduced land region map filtering, as well as a wallet link feature. Last but not the least, IlluviDEX now provides users with access to offers and bids on listed items.

Merch Store

The Illuvium team is aiming to launch a merchandise store during the holiday season. While it would be good to end the year with a bang and open shop before Christmas, the team is still focused on providing the best quality possible. This requires them to avoid rushing the release until all systems are functioning smoothly.

According to the team, the store’s development progress is “nearing Feature complete state.” They have already completed the essentials apparel collection, as well as 80% of the Illuvials collection. Meanwhile, the Plushies are around halfway complete, and will also include some fan-favorites. Other items to come include metal plates for Illuvitars, an art book, and a range of Illuvials.

Furthermore, the packaging designs are all set for the merch store. “We want all merchandise unboxing to feel like a fantastic experience,” the team stated. 

More Updates

  • Improvements on the streamlined Play app include the ability to change ranger names, and update Illuvitars. Moreover, Play also made updating games easier, while adding account areas, and wallet links.
  • The Illuvium Launcher, which is still in the UX/UI phase, now has a clearer and smoother flow for multiple games. In addition to that, users can now easily add games to the “Coming Soon,” and “New Releases,” section.
  • Animation work for various scenes is already in motion, with voice talents waiting in the wings for their input. Furthermore, all important art assets have already been exported and ready for use.

About Illuvium

Illuvium is an auto-battler Web3 game that combines elements of Role-Playing Games (RPG) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi). 

The game offers various options including exploring vast lands and obtaining creatures that owners can use to battle other players in Arena mode (or traded in the marketplace). Participants will also defend themselves against “deadly beasts” known as Illuvials. Users can use Shards to capture the monsters and store their essence in silver crystals.


Illuvitars are profile pictures that players can use inside the Illuvium universe. These NFT avatars will represent participants in all of their activities in the game’s broader ecosystem.

The team is nearing completion of the bonding and minting flow, as well as the artwork. Ullivitars purchasing feature is also slated for introduction soon, and the Launch Party page has undergone vast design improvements.

However, the team has decided to postpone the Collections piece, since the scoring system still demands more polishing.

Illuvium Land

Owning resource-rich land plots in Illuvium allows players to extract fuel, which they can sell across the entire Illuvium ecosystem. To obtain land, users can either participate in land sales, or buy them from other landowners on IlluviDEX.

Basically, land is categorized into different tiers, with higher ones having increased rarity and while generating more fuel. Currently, the most expensive land on the listing is a Tier 1 “Crystal Shores” that has a 315 $ETH ($407,228.85) price tag.

Below are the tiers and their prices as of this writing (per IlluviDEX).

  • Tier 1 (T1): 0.41 $ETH ($530.04)
  • Tier 2 (T2): 1.11 $ETH ($1,435)
  • Tier 3 (T4): 3.34 $ETH ($4,317.92)
  • Tier 4 (T4): 12.07 $ETH ($15,603.98)
  • Tier 5 (T5): No Price Indicated

Other NFTs

Illuvium also offers a collection of promotional and cosmetic NFTS. The Illuvium DAO minted the said digital assets, which includes the Cosplay and Genesis Promo sets.

$ILV Token

The Illuvium ecosystem utilizes the $ILV token. Holders can use $ILV for the game’s liquidity mining program for yield farming and also as a governance token for Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) voting. DEXs that hold $ILV include 1inch, Binance, CoinSpot, Crypto.Com, KuCoin, OKEx, and Sushi.

As of this writing, $ILV is trading at $51.77. The token has a $33,691,979 market cap, and a $4,034,000 24-hour volume (per CoinMarketCap).

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