How to Advance to Level 84 of Crabada’s Adventure Mode

Ephraim Austin

Jul. 01, 2022

It’s no surprise that Crabada has been making leaps and bounds throughout 2022, from migration to the Swimmer Network to the release of its long-awaited Adventure Mode. 

If not, then we’re here to do just that! In this article, we dive into how one of the top Crabada players advanced to some of the highest levels Adventure Mode has to offer. 

Many within the space found Adventure Mode to be the most popular, with players pouring hours into it like never before, mainly since the title features battling mobs on different islands that vary in difficulty. So you can imagine swaths of players rushing to dominate and discover the 100 levels found within it. 

First and foremost, it’s worth mentioning that as of Wednesday, June 22, 2022, only 58 players (0.31%) have already passed the Volcanic Peak. Fortunately for us, P2E Analytics‘ very own Head of Strategy and long-time crypto gamer, Fred Azevedo, is among those who’ve conquered the Peak. 

We sat down with Fred to pick his brain regarding his journey so far, the strategies he’s adopted, discuss his advancement to level 85 of Adventure Mode, as well as some other games he’s keeping an eye on. 

Q: It seems like there’s a new release for a Play-and-Earn game almost every day, with each one more robust than the last; with that in mind, why did you choose Crabada?

A: One of the main aspects that attracted me to Crabada is their dev team, as they always deliver excellent experiences within this industry and lead by example. 

If we track back a little, they came out with the Idle-Game just after the initial DEX offering (IDO). Although there was a delay with the release of Battle Game and Swimmer Network, they provided the community with an excellent product for all of us to enjoy.

Unfortunately, one of the problems facing this space is that many developers overpromise and don’t deliver memorable projects or concepts. That’s where Crabada differentiated itself from the pack; while there are tons of other games out there, in my opinion, Crabada is both talking the talk and walking the walk. 

Q: When did you first start playing Crabada? And how did you first hear about it?

A: Before I went all-in on Crabada, I dabbled with a handful of different Web3 games. Unfortunately, I initially failed and decided to take a small hiatus from the market. 

When February of 2021 came around, I gave it another go and started scouting out new projects, leading me to Miko’s Tweets discussing interesting games built on Avalanche: Crabada. 

Then, in a domino effect, I saw several people discussing and talking about the game on my Twitter feed. This sparked my curiosity that I started doing my own research on the game and realized its immense potential and the strength of its community. 

Shortly after, I bought a few teams and thus started my Crabada journey. 

Q: How would you rate Battle Game so far? 

A: Crabada’s Battle Game is an auto-battler, meaning that you have to understand the fundamental aspects of the game, setting up teams, and letting them battle. Although battles are automated, players must strategize how they build their teams and choose who to fight against. 

If you’re new to Crabada, it is essential to understand that the game revolves around mining; so players can use either mine materials or loot other miners. Crabada’s game devs highlighted earlier in June, that a Battle Arena will be released in the near future. 

Personally, I find the game exciting and enjoyable, especially when trying to understand the many strategies behind the battle mechanics, such as the types of Crabs you choose based on how you want to form your team. 

There’s a treasure trove of much-needed updates that need to happen; among them are the Quality of Life updates in the pipeline, which will simplify both mining and looting processes while streamlining the entire gameplay experience. 

Overall, in my humble opinion, the best is yet to come; mining and looting still orbit around crafting Treasure Under Sea (TUS), the in-game currency, which is inflationary by default. 

As soon as land sales begin and new mechanics – such as runecrafting are implemented – Crabada will lean more toward becoming material-oriented, subsequently leading to the economy becoming more stable. As the game continues to add depth, its economy would be more complex, with a lower dependency on current dual-token standards.  

Q: How far have you advanced in Adventure Mode? What has been your strategy?

A: I’ve advanced to level 84 of the game without using the top “Meta Crabs” – The Surge Crab with Crazor Pincers is considered by many Crabada players to be the best in the game. 

There are many strategies to play the game and experiment with different Crab combinations. For me personally, I like using the Crucket Pincers with Creole Eyes – a composition that’s becoming part of the meta and one which I feel played a role in making it a trend based on the times I’ve been openly vocal about it. 

The best part is that Crucket Pincers stand on the cheaper side of the marketplace. 

For context to those who don’t play Crabada, Crabs have different body parts, with each one boasting a different attribute. For example, Pincers and Eyes offer skills; Crucket Pincers offer offensive capabilities that attack enemy counterparts on the backline. 

Players can position their Crabs in various ways. But commonly speaking, most players place their attacking Crabs on the backline due to their weak health. This allows stronger Crabs to protect them on the frontline. This dynamic makes Crucket Pincers very effective. 

Meanwhile, Creole Eyes offer a passive skill that freezes Crabs, which I also find helpful during battles.

Q: You’re a crab whale. How do you manage so many Crabs?

A: Well, I have a full-time employee that works directly on my account. Although I like the concept of discipleships, this feature is currently not well structured. I prefer having someone I trust managing my account. 

Since Battle Game is played off-chain, the risk of having someone playing on my behalf is lower than it was during the Idle-Game era. However, I really hope that discipleships improve over time. 

In case you were wondering, I now have over 1,000 Crabs. 

Q: What tools do you use, if any, for the game? 

A: I use P2E Analytics to follow inflation, breeding, and overall marketplace volumes. Due to the current bear market, I had the chance to buy Crab NFTs in bulk for a lot less than initially valued, which [almost] classifies me as a whale. 

P2E Analytics is instrumental in allowing players – even those with only a few Crabs – to follow the game’s economy and level up their gameplay.

Q: Do you have any tips for new players on the scene?

A: Besides a few rare Meta Crabs, most Crabs are much more affordable than they were a month ago. If you’re looking to build a team today, my advice is to check out Surge Crabs (pure crabs) and Prime Crabs with Avalanche Pincers. Avalanche pincers offer 240% damage, the highest possible damage rate, while Primes are classified as strong damage Crabs.

In terms of Eye skills, players should focus their efforts on Stun and Freeze for attack, while for defense, the focus should be on Shield. The passive Shield can be found in Surges, Gems, and Bulks. 

However, Bulks are not as effective due to reduced shielding capabilities. Since they only defend for one round, while Gems and Surges. On the other hand, provide defense for two rounds with the same shields. 

A must-read for every Crabada player is the whitepaper provided by Crabada’s Game Dev team. Focus on the section labeled “Crabadex,” which deep dives into Pincers and Eye skills. But don’t restrict yourself to that document. Do your own research to find the right comps for you and your team. 

Q: In your opinion, what do you think is the most underrated Pincer/Eye combo at the moment?

Crele Eyes and Crucket Pincers are a very powerful combination and an underrated one. Some breeders are starting to mass-produce them, so they may get cheaper over time – be on the lookout!

Q: What other games are you playing or keeping an eye on?

A: I am now looking for Massively-Multiplayer-Online games (MMOs). I absolutely love them, and my heart has been calling out for a universe to immerse myself into. This is why I’m currently following Domi Online

I was intrigued with the concept, mainly since the game is based on old-school MMORPGs. I’m something of an old-timer. So, to see a game following the path of the true pioneers in the MMO scene makes me happy.

While I have people managing my operation, I enjoy playing the game myself, especially Duel Mode and the Adventure Game. I’m an open-minded gamer, so I am fascinated with many types of games.

Fred brings a wealth of experience to the gaming space, and we appreciate his insights on Crabada. Stay tuned as more Crabada insights will be coming soon. We’ll be keeping up on players’ progress in Adventure Mode and reporting actionable strategies to use with our analytical tools.    

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