Heroes Chained: Upcoming Fantasy RPG on Avalanche

Jethro Sandico

Jul. 14, 2022

According to game dev studio Inventuna Gaming, the company is bringing a “game first” attitude to the play-and-earn space with their upcoming fantasy action RPG offering Heroes Chained.

Currently building on the Avalanche blockchain, Heroes Chained takes place in the world of Ventuna, where players take the role of a Guild Master who must gather heroes against the tyrant ruler Dark Lord Oblivion and his evil forces. 

Here’s what we know about Heroes Unchained so far:


Own a Guild, gather heroes, compete with other players, and complete missions. Players can choose PvE or PvP mode:

PvE – Send heroes outside city walls to fight Oblivion’s minions. Players can also uncover nodes and buy the land to own them, or find dungeons, complete missions, and gather artifacts.

PvP – Alliances are required to create Tournaments and Leagues. Players can choose between Guild vs Guild, or Team vs Team. 


HeC is the native currency of Heroes Chained, with a total supply cap of 100,000,000.

Heroes Chained NFTs

Heroes, along with items such as armors, card spells, land, and swords, are stored as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Aesthetics, breeding, interoperability, scarcity and utility are factors that determine the value of the NFTs.

Inventuna Gaming

The Inventuna team is dedicated to building a game that prioritizes fun factor and gameplay. 

Alongside a crew of experienced professionals from Turkey, the creators of Heroes Chained includes legendary video game designer Mev Dinc and Hollywood special effects master Onur Can Cayli. 

Dinc is a veteran of the industry who has worked with prominent video game companies such as Activision, Image Works, and UbiSoft; art director Onur Can Cayli has lent his visual effects skills to some of the most popular titles in film, games and television (Men in Black 3, Marvel vs Capcom and Game Thrones).

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