GutterCon 2022 Set for Las Vegas Return

Jethro Sandico

Sep. 13, 2022

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection Gutter Cat Gang’s annual meetup GutterCon is making a return to Las Vegas, Nevada this weekend. Running from September 16-18, 2022, the three-day conference will treat members to food, drinks, games, and nightly parties.

Gutter Cat Gang (GCG) is having a tremendous year so far. The project had numerous partnerships, releases, and other developments in the space in 2022.

GutterCon 2022

Let’s take a deeper look into this year’s GutterCon.

Event Access

Verified attendees must present a valid ID and their Tokenproof ticket (QR code) upon check-in. They will receive their official wristband, after this procedure.

Check-in is at Level Up, a tech-savvy lounge inside the MGM Grand. Members can get their wristbands on these dates: September 16 (7pm-9pm), and September 17 (11am-1pm).

The wristband will grant holders entry to all GutterCon events. Members must be 21 years and above to attend the meetup.


Attendees should arrive at the venue early with all the necessary requisites for entry. GutterCon is a first come, first serve event because of capacity limitations.

Members who missed the Welcome Party or the check-in can still enjoy select events. All they have to do is open a ticket in the Gutter Cat Gang’s Discord server’s support channel.


Members are not allowed to transfer their tickets to another person. The wallet address of the NFT owner is used to verify the assets before releasing the tickets, making them specific to the member.

The GCG team also encouraged holders to unclaim their GutterCons in case they were unable to attend the event. Users can find the option on the ticket details in the Tokenproof app. The app’s version must be up-to-date for users to see the unclaim option.

About Gutter Cat Gang

Gutter Cat Gang is an NFT collection of 3,000 Gutter Cat NFTs existing in a post-apocalyptic world. GCG eventually expanded into an ecosystem with more Gutter creatures including Rats, Pigeons, and Dogs. The project also introduced “Gutter Juice” vials for creating Gutter Clones.

NFT Price Report

Gutter Cats

As of this writing, Gutter Cats NFTs has a total volume of 24,300 $ETH ($41,852,376), with a floor price of 6.2 $ETH ($10,678.38). The most expensive Gutter Cat comes with a 66,666 $ETH ($114,820,185.12) price tag (per OpenSea).

Gutter Cat Gang

Gutter Rats

As of this writing, Gutter Rats has a total volume of 7,000 $ETH ($12,056,240), with a floor price of 1.19 $ETH ($2,049.56). The most expensive Gutter Rat sells for 0.9662 $ETH ($1,664.11), per OpenSea.

Gutter Cat Gang

Gutter Pigeons

As of this writing, Gutter Pigeons has a total volume of 4,500 $ETH ($7,750,440), with a floor price of 1.1 $ETH ($1,894.55). The most expensive Gutter Pigeon starts at 50 $ETH ($86,335), per OpenSea.

Gutter Pigeons

Gutter Dogs

As of this writing, Gutter Dogs has a total volume of 6,400 $ETH ($11,022,848), with a floor price of 1.35 $ETH ($2,325.13). The most expensive Gutter Dog is listed at 111 $ETH ($191,177.52), per OpenSea.

Gutter Dogs

Gutter Clones

As of this writing, Gutter Clones has a total volume of 3,400 $ETH ($5,855,888), with a floor price of 0.14 $ETH ($241.12). The most expensive Gutter Clone comes with a 6,969 $ETH ($12,002,848.08) price tag (per OpenSea).

Gutter Clones

Gutter Juice

As of this writing, Gutter Juice has a total volume of 9,300 $ETH ($16,017,576), with a floor price of 0.18 $ETH ($310.02). The highest-priced Gutter Juice sells for 25 $ETH ($43,058), per OpenSea.

Gutter Juice