Gutter Cat Gang: The Best of 2022

Jethro Sandico

Sep. 01, 2022

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection Gutter Cat Gang (GCG) is more than just a series of artworks on the blockchain, it is also a growing brand filled with exciting plans for its strong community.

The Gang is enjoying a phenomenal 2022 so far with several events, partnerships, and releases in tow. Let’s take a look at the notable developments in the project this year.

Tales from the Gutter Comics

In early February, GCG released its first comic cover NFT titled “Gutter Cat Gang: Tales from the Gutter.” The project featured three comic covers created by renowned illustrator and concept artist Tom Velez, who is well-known for working with giant comic book companies such as IDW and Marvel.

Each comic cover has three varying rarities: normal, gold, and holographic. Holders can upgrade their comic covers to a gold variant by collecting and burning two normal NFTs featuring the same art. Additionally, collecting and burning two gold edition NFTs of the same cover, will upgrade them to a holographic version.

As of this writing, Gutter Comics has a total volume of 309 $ETH ($483,677.70), and a 0.01 $ETH ($15.65) floor price. The “highest last sale” price is 0.75 $ETH ($1,173.97) for a “Throne of Lies Gold Edition” NFT (per OpenSea).

Gutter Cat Gang NFTs

$GANG Wars 

The team is currently working on a Play-to-Earn (P2E) strategy game called “$GANG Wars.”

According to sources, the game will feature time-locked NFT staking mechanics with variable boosts (based on the amount of time staked). $GANG Wars will debut as a browser-based game, with plans of releasing a mobile app in the near future.

GutterCon 2022

The second annual GutterCon is a members-only meetup event happening in Las Vegas, Nevada from September 16-18. Holders of Gutter Cats, Rats, Pigeons, Dogs and Clones, are granted access to the event on a first-come, first-served basis (due to capacity limitations and regulations).

Gutter Cat Gang Guttercon

Team Gutter Cats

In a bid to rebrand and revamp Gutter Cat Gang’s basketball team “Team Gutter Cats,” the organization has drawn in some fresh talents in Q2 of this year. The current roster could be deeper than their 2019 The Basketball Tournament (TBT) semifinals run.

TBT is a 64-team, single elimination basketball tournament. The competition culminates with eight qualifiers representing eight regions, gunning for the $1 million dollar cash grand prize.

Currently, the Omaha-based team features a diverse roster of professionals with collegiate and international experience. The 2022 lineup includes players such as Kyle Hines of Italian Lega Basket Serie A and the EuroLeague, former NBA/NBA G League player Jarell Eddie, and reigning TBT MVP Tyrese Rice.

Partnership with Puma

In late May, Gutter Cat Gang partnered with popular sports brand Puma, with the latter providing sponsorship for Team Gutter Cats, which competed at TBT on ESPN in July.

Gutter Juice

Released in March 2022, Gutter Juice is an NFT that transforms a character into a new clone. There are 28,000 Gutter Juice DNA vials, with 7,000 for each species, and holders can redeem them anytime. Currently, the four Gutter Juice NFTs assigned for each Gutter Cat Gang Species include Cats, Dogs, Rats and Pigeons.

As of this writing, Gutter Juice has a total volume of 9,100 $ETH ($14,244,230), with a floor price of 0.19 $ETH ($297.41). The most expensive vial is listed at 25 $ETH ($39,132.50), per OpenSea.

Gutter Cat Gang Gutter Juice

Gutter Bars

One of GCG’s achievements this year is utilizing their Intellectual Property (IP) to create real-world products. In early February, the team launched “Gutter Bars.” Featured in cannabis magazine High Times, Gutter Bars is a set of GCG-themed Delta 8 THC disposable vapes.

Following the release of Gutter Bars, community members also launched Gutter Mud Coffee. The product featured well-known Gutter Cat NFTs on the coffee’s packaging.

Gutter Cat Gang Gutter Bars

$GANG Token and Gang Shop

With the introduction of Peer-to-Peer marketplace “Gang Shop,” players will be able to buy and sell NFTs by GCG, as well as assets from other titles such as The Sandbox Voxels, House of Kibaa, and many more. 

Gang Shop will accept cryptocurrencies such as $ETH, $wETH, and GCG’s upcoming native token $GANG. The token doesn’t have a fixed release date yet but supporters are heavily anticipating its availability.

“The @GutterCatGang has an amazing team working hard behind the scenes, new activations of their impressive roadmap are going to be released soon, including $GANG coin. The community is truly next level and they are creating a global brand,” Gutter Gangstar said on Twitter.

About Gutter Cat Gang

Gutter Cat Gang is an NFT collection of 3,000 Gutter Cat NFTs existing in a post-apocalyptic world dominated by felines. Following the success of the project, GCG expanded into an ecosystem and introduced more Gutter creatures. Now the collection includes Rats, Pigeons, Dogs, and Clones.

As of this writing, Gutter Cat Gang NFTs has a total volume of 24,000 $ETH ($37,567,200), and a floor price of 5.75 $ETH ($9,000.48). The most expensive piece is listed at 66,666 $ETH ($104,352,289.80), per OpenSea.

Gutter Cat Gang NFTs