Gutter Cat Gang Teases Plans for DNA-2 and $GANG Token

Jethro Sandico

Sep. 22, 2022

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project Gutter Cat Gang (GCG) teased plans of a DNA-2 Clone launch, as well as upcoming token $GANG’s possible roles in the game. The latest offerings, which the team announced on September 22, 2022, are part of efforts to expand GCG’s ecosystem.

Gutter Cat Gang

Here’s what we’ve learned from the team so far:


According to the devs, the DNA-2 Clones are scheduled for release in October. 

Players can burn GCG’s first iteration of the Gutter Juice NFT to create a DNA-1 Gutter Clone of a chosen species. The new feature will however allow players to use DNA-2 Juice with the DNA-1 Clones.

NFT holders must utilize two DNA-1 Clones (same-species) together with the DNA-2 Gutter Juice (same-species) to create a new DNA-2 Clone. This process will burn the DNA-1 Clones, making them deflationary in the long-term.

However, the available information on the new DNA Juice and Clone remains limited. The team hasn’t revealed vital details yet regarding the new offering’s art style, traits, price, and selection mechanics, etc.

Gutter Cat Gang

$GANG Token

The Clone Machine used for creating a DNA-2 Clone, will require a small amount of utility tokens (per the GCG team). This possibly refers to the $GANG token that GCG announced will come out in Q3 of 2022.

A self-professed “Gutter Kingpin” with the Twitter handle @moneyprintergobrrr.eth,” also pointed out some clues regarding the token. 

In his post in August, the avid supporter said that he spotted an Easter egg. This according to him, confirms that $GANG is for purchasing Gutter Juice. He was actually referring to a post that says “buyJuiceWithGang.” Additionally, he backed up this claim with the team’s pronouncement that players can upgrade DNA-1 using the native token.

On September 14, 2022, award winning strategist Grant Flannery shared some personal insights and speculations on the upcoming developments. 

“Here’s another @GutterCatGang fact: Burn 2x D2 clones and use a BAG of $GANG to get a super, ultra rare D3 clone,” Flannery stated. “Y’all gonna look back at my tweets in two weeks and be very disappointed in yourself.”

Flannery is a strategy director who has worked on projects such as the Cannes Film Festival, Harley Davidson, Puma, and The Webby Awards. 

About Gutter Cat Gang

Gutter Cat Gang is an NFT collection of 3,000 Gutter Cat NFTs found on the Ethereum blockchain. GCG added more Gutter creatures including Rats, Pigeons, and Dogs. The project also has “Gutter Juice” vials that holders can use to create Gutter Clones. The team is currently concentrating its efforts to expand the GCG ecosystem. The expansion will introduce games and other features.

One of GCG’s highlights is its growing community of loyal supporters. The project recently wrapped up its GutterCon 2022 meetup which took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, from September 16-18. Moreover, the team presented members with food, drinks, games, and parties in the exclusive event.

2022 has been a productive year for Gutter Cat Gang with several achievements in the space. This includes the introduction of the Peer-to-Peer marketplace Gang Shop and the launch of GCG-inspired Delta 8 THC vape Gutter Bars, as well as a partnership with sports apparel giant Puma. The team also released its first comic cover NFT earlier this year. The collection featured the art of acclaimed Marvel Comics illustrator/concept artist Tom Velez.

Gutter NFTs

Let’s take a look at the most recent prices of GCG NFTs.

Gutter Cats

As of this writing, Gutter Cats NFTs has a total volume of 24,400 $ETH ($31,477,708), with a floor price of 6.43 $ETH ($8,295.15). The most expensive Gutter Cat comes with a 66,666 $ETH ($86,003,806.62) price tag (per OpenSea).

Gutter Cat Gang NFTs

Gutter Rats

As of this writing, Gutter Rats has a total volume of 7,000 $ETH ($9,030,490), with a floor price of 1.199 $ETH ($1,546.79). The most expensive Rat is listed at 15 $ETH ($19,351.05), per OpenSea.

Gutter Rats NFTs

Gutter Pigeons

As of this writing, Gutter Pigeons has a total volume of 4,500 $ETH ($5,805,315), with a floor price of 1.15 $ETH ($1,483.58). The highest-priced Pigeon is listed at 123 $ETH ($158,678.61), per OpenSea.

Gutter Pigeons NFTs

Gutter Dogs

As of this writing, Gutter Dogs has a total volume of 6,400 $ETH ($8,256,448), with a floor price of 1.424 $ETH ($1,837.06). The most expensive Gutter Dog is worth 111 $ETH ($143,197.77), per OpenSea).

Gutter Dogs NFTs

Gutter Clones

As of this writing, Gutter Clones has a total volume of 3,400 $ETH ($4,386,238), with a floor price of 0.15 $ETH ($193.51). The most expensive Gutter Clone has a 999,999 $ETH ($1,290,068,709.93) price tag (per OpenSea).

Gutter Clones NFTs

Gutter Juice

As of this writing, Gutter Juice has a total volume of 9,400 $ETH ($12,126,658), with a floor price of 0.2 $ETH ($258.01). The highest-priced Gutter Clone is listed at 42.42 $ETH ($54,724.77), per OpenSea.

Gutter Juice