Gunfire AVAX Tops Trending Games Chart

Jethro Sandico

Jul. 12, 2022

Rising combat shooter game Gunfire AVAX hit another milestone as it reached the number one spot on crypto gaming site PlaytoEarn.Net’s Trending Blockchain Games list as of July 8, 2022.

PlaytoEarn.Net is a platform that tracks community activity and on-chain metrics in the blockchain gaming space. The list, which updates every 24 hours, includes well-known titles such as Axie Infinity, Crypto Pirates, Galaxy Fight Club, Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict, and Idle Mystique, to name a few.

“Top 1 is REAL! We’re on the top of Trending Blockchain Games in @play2earncrypto. Put your hands and cheer it up now!” the Gunfire AVAX team posted on Twitter.

Gunfire AVAX is enjoying a recent increase in popularity with the successful launch of the Endless Tournament, as well as the game’s availability for iOS users. As a way to thank its community, the devs gave out a few updates including new weapons, reduced prices, and other giveaways.

Gunfire Updates

Gunfire AVAX Endless Tournament Season 5

The team introduced a few changes to the tournament including the reduced price of Luck Star Discount (from 100 Gold to 200 Gold). The Fuse Item rate was also updated, giving players a higher chance of upgrading items.

Newly-created accounts will be airdropped 2 free Endless Tickets.

Gift Stamina

All players will receive 45 Stamina every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 11:00 UTC.

Golden Weapon Chest V2.0

Golden Weapon Chest V2.0 is out. This chest version contains new weapons: Gemini Rifle and Blizzard.

Gunfire x Mones NFTs Partnership

Gunfire AVAX announced a new partnership with Mones, a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) game built on the Binance Chain. 

As part of their Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) Mones started pre-selling $MONES at $0.008 per token on July 8.

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