Gunfire AVAX Endless Tournament Updates

Jethro Sandico

Jul. 06, 2022

In the last week, Gunfire AVAX launched the third season of the much-anticipated Endless Tournament. As of time of writing, 3,000 Endless Tickets have already been sold and the race to the top of the leaderboard is getting tighter everyday.

“Only 5 days to share the 50++ AVAX prize pool. ROI up to 300%. Let’s play hard to earn harder!!!” the team announced on Twitter.

Gunfire AVAX is a shooting game that relies on automated firing mechanics. Players can choose from a variety of characters with high-powered weapons and then defeat enemies to gain rewards. The title recently hit 15,000 “gunners,” as it gains further popularity among blockchain gamers, thanks in part to their airdrops and tournaments.

As part of this season’s Endless Tournament, Gunfire devs have implemented two important changes:

  1. 45 Bonus Stamina

Gunfire AVAX will give all players an additional 45 stamina to prepare them for battle. The bonus represents a gesture of gratitude to the community for its widespread support.

Check your inbox to claim the bonus stamina as soon as the new season starts.

  1. Gift 02: Endless Tickets

All users who created new accounts as of 14:30 UTC on June 25, 2022, are entitled to 02 Endless tickets. Accounts created before season 3 will also receive tickets for this season.

Season 2 Leaderboard

GunfireAVAX also shared the Top 20 leaderboard for the previous season – the leaderboard was one of the recent bug fixes that the dev team addressed earlier last week. 

Currently, the leaderboard displays correctly in the app, although the list is just a draft and will still need further evaluation. The team is making sure that the results are transparent, with no signs of cheating and/or hacking.

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