Gunfire AVAX Deep Dive

Michail Palierakis

Feb. 08, 2023

Investment Highlights

  • Gunfire AVAX currently hosts 110k registered users and is only available for Android users.
  • The primary method you can earn is via the weekly Tournament, which rewards top players with $AVAX, depending on the prize pool.
  • The prize pool fluctuates based on Endless Ticket sales revenue, Chest sales, AVAX Box Claim fees, and marketplace transaction fees.
  • Mastering your gameplay mechanics and buying equipment boxes will increase your chances of ranking high in the leaderboard to earn rewards.


Gunfire AVAX is a 2D free-to-play automated casual runner/shooter game on the Avalanche blockchain. This is a game where you control a character (your fighter) shooting automatically at enemy monsters while advancing across various worlds. More specifically, the only action you take during playing is moving and jumping, dodging enemies and their launched projectiles, while the fighter constantly shoots back at them.


Gunfire AVAX was developed by Angles Studio, a Vietnamese gaming studio focusing mainly on mobile games. The game is published by Oxalus Games, an NFT gaming platform with a gaming/NFT Launchpad and integrated NFT marketplace.

  • Oxalus Wallet: Stores and trades in-game NFTs and collectibles securely.
  • Oxalus Tracker: Provides you with a way to monitor the performance of their NFTs. With Oxalus Tracker, you have easy access to the main index of your account.
  • Oxalus Games: A Web3 gaming platform, where you can play and get involved with games as they develop.

Additionally, Gunfire AVAX is the first game released on the Oxalus Platform. You can access the game on the Avalanche blockchain, which requires a compatible wallet such as Metamask. Currently, you can play the game on Android mobile devices and Android emulators on PC.


The team’s initial plan was to launch the game as Gunfire Hero, on the Binance Chain. However, things didn’t go as expected and the game ended up on The Avalanche Network.

Gunfire AVAX held its first mint event for whitelist members on June 8th, 2022. The public sale and Endless Tournament Beta (play-to-earn) followed a day later.

Gunfire AVAX Initial Minting Poster

Furthermore, Gunfire AVAX partnered with Oxalus Wallet on June 14th, 2022 to integrate NFTs, and shortly after that, the game launched on the Oxalus Gaming Platform.

At the same time, Gunfire released information regarding its official token, $GUNX. However, the tokenomics aren’t public yet. The team planned to release the token in Q4 2022 but was canceled due to unfavorable market conditions. This caused some discontent in the community. The CMO responded by saying they would release the token when market conditions become more favorable.

Gunfire AVAX reached 15,000 unique players on June 24th, marking a successful release. The game is cross-chain and lives on Avalanche and the Polygon Network.

Management Team

Angles Studio is a mobile gaming studio based in Hanoi, Vietnam. They are behind the development of Gunfire AVAX.

The team members behind the development of Gunfire AVAX are referred to only by their first names.

User Stats / Social Stats

According to DappRadar, about 1.7k unique wallets have interacted with the game in the last month, with 110k all-time users. However, that doesn’t include off-chain users which could be significant.

As for the game’s social media numbers, Gunfire AVAX totals 46.4k Twitter followers and 28.9k Discord Members.

Gunfire AVAX User Statistics

Market Stats / Tokenomics

$GUNX tokenomics and market statistics are still not public. The token’s information will be available later in the Gunfire ecosystem to ensure the project’s long-term development.

Price Charts

Currently, the game’s earning mechanics allow you to earn $AVAX through competing in the Endless Tower, the main play-to-earn tournament. However, you can also earn $GUNX tokens through a variety of activities, but the team has yet to release its tokenomics.

$AVAX 1-Month Chart

In the last month, $AVAX has seen a significant price increase, following the partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Game Mechanics

There are different gameplay options in Gunfire AVAX. To play, you will need Stamina, which regenerates over time. Each time you enter a World, Stamina is consumed.

Gold is the in-game currency. You can trade Gold for upgrading and fusing items/equipment, or evolve and unlock talents for your character. It is an off-chain token, used only for in-game activities, and it cannot be withdrawn or traded for crypto.

Stage Mode

Stage Mode is the Campaign of Gunfire AVAX. Entering the Stage Mode only requires Stamina. There are eight different Stages with increasing difficulty. Earnings from Stage Mode come in various forms: 

  • XP
  • Stamina
  • Gold
  • Materials
  • Hero Shards, Medals & Elements

Endless Mode

The Endless Mode tournament is the main play-to-earn activity in Gunfire AVAX. To enter, you will need to purchase Endless Tickets which cost 0.03 $AVAX each.

Endless Tournaments have an unlimited number of Floors. Each Floor consists of 20 Rooms. After you have cleared the first 20 Rooms you will advance to Floor 2. Each Tournament lasts 7 days.

The top of the leaderboard (based on the number of Rooms and Floors the player has cleared) will earn $AVAX based on the Prize Pool which consists of Endless Ticket sales revenue, Chest sales, AVAX Box Claim fees, and marketplace transaction fees. As a result, the $AVAX reward increases with the number of players participating in the Tournament.

However, you must at least pass the 10th floor to unlock rewards. Endless Tournament rewards are distributed to the player’s attached wallet address in 3-5 days after the event has ended.

Earning possibilities in Endless Mode are:

  • Leaderboard Rewards: Top 20% of players with the highest ranking in one Endless Mode season earn $AVAX.
  • Items: NFTs weapons or Gears
  • XP
  • Stamina
  • GOLD
  • Materials

Gameplay Features


In Gunfire AVAX, NFTs are in the form of one of the following:

  • Equipment: Weapons and Gears
  • Fragment NFTs: Materials, Hero Shards, Hero Elements, Hero Medals, Skin Points

Additionally, each NFT (except Fragments) has a different rarity, based on the following scale: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythical, and Exalted.

In-Game Perks

When entering the first Room of a World, your character will start at Level 1. You can level him up after acquiring the XP needed at each room’s end. You are presented with three upgrades when you level up, each providing a different perk.

In-Game UI


Talents are bonuses you acquire using Gold. Unlocked Talents are saved in the Talent section in the main interface. At the start of each game, unlocked Talents are immediately assigned to the hero character.

Gunfire AVAX Talents

Hero Character

You will be assigned one of the 11 possible characters when you start playing Gunfire.

Each character has a 5-star rating and a total of 80 levels. By purchasing hero shards and medals, you can raise your hero’s star rating. A hero with the greatest level/star rank is stronger in battle. All of the hero’s stats will be significantly improved when he reaches the maximum star rank or level.

In the Loadout section, where you edit your heroes, you will find the following options:

  • Evolve: Increase the Star Ranking of your character, improving your stats.
  • Upgrade: Increase the level or a specific stat of your hero and equipment.
  • Fuse: Upgrade the rarity of an equipment item. 3 identical items of similar rarity are needed. A Fuse can be successful and unsuccessful, resulting in an increase or decrease in the item’s rarity.
  • Scrap: Destroys the equipment.


In Gunfire AVAX, Equipment NFTs are first stored in Chests. Chests are classified into four types:

  • Golden Weapon Chest: This chest contains weapons of greater rarity (1.4 $AVAX).
  • Silver Weapon Chest: This chest contains weapons of lesser rarity (0.6 $AVAX).
  • Gear Chest: Contains Armor and Gears of varying rarity (0.6 $AVAX).
  • Hero Chest: Material, Hero Shards, Hero Elements, Hero Medals, Skin Points, and Skins (2.2 $AVAX).

You are provided with a default starting weapon in order to play the game for free. Obviously, weapons with higher rarity have higher basic stats than weapons with lower rarity.

Each Hero has the ability to wear one piece of Armor and two Gears that increase the hero’s stats:

  • Armor increases a Hero’s HP as well as one stat/perk protection.
  • Gear increases damage against a certain type of enemy: ground/fly/melee/range.


Fragments are non-equipable items that can be utilized to increase the stats and levels of Equipment. They are classified into four types:

  • Material: NFT pieces used to level up equipment.
  • Hero Shards: Used to raise a hero’s level from 9 to 10, and from 19 to 20.
  • Hero Medal: Used to upgrade a Hero’s Star rank.
  • Hero Element: This element is utilized to boost a certain stat of your Hero.


Gunfire AVAX game mechanics

The game’s native token, $GUNX has yet to be published. You can still play and earn with $AVAX and gain $AVAX tokens as rewards for ranking high in the Endless Mode Leaderboard.

Gold and NFTs are generated when you interact with the game. While Gold is immediately sent to your gaming account, NFTs are briefly held in the Treasury Fund. You can collect these NFTs after paying an on-chain $AVAX fee.

Purchases of Endless Tickets generate revenue that is deposited directly into the Treasury Fund. Endless Mode tournaments use this revenue to reward top players.

ROI Scenarios

In order to participate in the game’s main play-to-earn feature, Endless Mode, you will need to buy tickets that cost 0.03 $AVAX each. Let’s pretend that I have bought 10 tickets to use for Endless Tournaments and try to rank as high as possible on the leaderboard.

The lowest rank that rewards $AVAX is the 20th rank. Currently, ranking in the 20th place earns you 1.13 $AVAX. Reducing the ticket costs from the earnings gives me 0.83 $AVAX in this Endless Tournament Event. To calculate an ROI, we’ll assume that the $AVAX rewards from the following Endless Tournament Events stay stable. Based on this, I earn 0.83 $AVAX in each weekly Endless Tournament Event. In a year’s time, I will have made 43.16 $AVAX.

I also spent 4.2 $AVAX for a Golden Weapon Chest, A Gear Chest, and a Hero Chest. This implies an ROI of 35.5 days or 927% annually.


Based on the project’s roadmap in the official whitepaper, we are expecting new batches of Endless Tournaments, Hero Characters, and Equipment. Some other features that the team will implement in the future are Talent, Equipment, and Hero upgrade limitations. Those implementations were to be released in Q3 and Q4 2022.

Key Takeaways

  • The team hasn’t published $GUNX yet. It will be interesting to see how the earning mechanics change when it does.
  • Earning depends strongly on the number of user interactions in-game (tickets bought, transaction fees, etc.).
  • $GUNX earned is still stored in your account until its release.

Key Risks

  • It is unclear what the rewards of the next Endless Tournament Events will be, as it depends on the player’s engagement.
  • The team did not release $GUNX at the announced time in December due to unfavorable market conditions. $GUNX tokenomics are also not publicly available.
  • iOS users can still not download and play the game on their devices.