Gunfire AVAX Reaches 15,000 Gunners

Jethro Sandico

Jun. 30, 2022

Auto-shooting NFT game Gunfire AVAX achieved another milestone on June 24th, 2022, as it reached a record of 15,000 “gunners,” the game studio announced in a tweet. 

Gunfire AVAX is a combat shooter game that utilizes automated firing mechanics. Players will choose from a set of heroes with unique guns and fight off villains to earn rewards. After defeating enemies, players can earn some tokens, boost their energy or upgrade their fighters.

“Our family is getting stronger much more than ever. We want to say thank you and guarantee to put all effort into building the best product,” the Gunfire team said via Twitter.

Gunfire AVAX’s spike in growth from 5,000 to 15,000 gunners in a mere week can be attributed to the game’s fun factor and solid community. This allows the development team to leverage this momentum and produce more characters, weapons, and maps for everyone before the end of 2022. 

As collectible NFTs, players may select from several characters including the vampire lord himself, Dracula, the mutant-inspired Gamebit and frost blaster-wielding Daneria. Aside from the heroes, gamers can also acquire NFTs of weapons and maps from the Gunfire AVAX marketplace.

$GUNX is the game’s official token, which players can receive through battles, tournaments, friend referrals, exclusive airdrops, and chest purchases. They can also stake $GUNX and enjoy the revenue share, DAO voting, and access to special events.

What’s in store this year for Gunfire AVAX?

Game Dev’s sights are set on growing the game. For Q3 of 2022, Gunfire AVAX is slated to introduce Endless Mode Tournament 2-8. They allow players to compete with others to achieve higher ranking on the seasonal Leaderboard. Also coming to Q3 are new hero characters (batch 02) and new weapon & equipment (batch 02).

Gunfire AVAX plans to end the year with a bang, as Q4 will see the introduction of Endless Mode Tournament 9-15, and a third batch of hero characters and equipment.

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