Great Milestone for Avalanche NFTs as Conscious Lines Sells Out

Jethro Sandico

Aug. 26, 2022

In a nascent industry where hype is king, it is refreshing to see an NFT collection that brings authenticity and creative ingenuity to the digital art scene. 

Mixed media artist Gabe Weis launched his new Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection Conscious Lines on August 25, 2022, on NFT marketplace Joepegs on Avalanche. The mint was set at 5 $AVAX and sold out almost instantly. This a great milestone for Avalanche NFTs as it clears up certain perceptions that people had. Weis’ few detractors claim before the launch that a 5 $AVAX mint price for an NFT is too much and won’t get sold.

The project will revealed the works in batches of 111 NFTs, starting on August 30. As of this writing, the value of the NFT collection,has gone up by almost 200% since its mint.

About Conscious Lines NFTs

Utilizing a cubism style, Conscious Lines is a collection of 999 original drawings by Gabe Weis. The project featured works which he created over the course of 16 years.

As of this writing, Conscious Lines has a total volume of 2,372 $AVAX ($53,370), and a 14.99 $AVAX ($337.27) floor price. That is 200% up from its 5.0 $AVAX ($112.50) launch price. The highest priced piece on the platform is worth 2,000 $AVAX ($45,000), per Joepegs.

Conscious Lines NFT banner

About Gabe Weis

Gabe Weis is a self-taught mixed-media artist from the San Francisco Bay Area. He describes his works as “stream of consciousness meets cubism.” He is also the creator of the NFT art collection “The Stoics.”

Cubism is an approach that gave birth to a 20th century avant garde movement. Some of the most illustrious figures in European painting and sculpture made a name using this mode of art. Names such as Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, and Jean Metzinger immediately sprout into mind whenever cubist art is the topic of a discussion

Abstraction is a common characteristic of cubist art. In this style, the depicted images undergoes fragmentation, and then reassembled again to form a surreal quality. Weis’ Conscious Lines has seemingly perfected the style after doing several physical art exhibits during his career.

Weis succeeded in updating a style that bloomed in the early 1900s while giving it a 2020s twist. While he wasn’t exactly reinventing the wheel, Weis took something that really works, and brought it to another level. He made this possible with the incorporation of the era’s digital tools.

Conscious Lines NFT

“I’ve never done digital in my life until I bought my first iPad in the first week of April (2021),” Weis said in an August 2021 interview, adding “this is so fun! I finally got all the tools in the toolkit to do amazing things.”

For Weis, the best process to produce his work involves combining old and new methods. For example, he can employ traditional techniques and then incorporate a digital process to make the piece stand out more.

“What I’ve learned, and what I think is exciting about where I’m heading is that I’m taking the high resolution shots, but then I’m kinda digitally remastering it and painting on top of it, to add just a lot of layers,” Weis added.

Even before the release of Conscious Lines, Weis has already been impacting various communities with his art. However, Weis’ works became more far-reaching when he started delving into NFTs, and celebrities began endorsing his work. 

Eventually, Weis’ art ended up on the hands of popular figures. Some of his supporters include YouTube influencer Gary “Gary Vee” Vaynerchuck, and model/socialite/DJ Paris Hilton. The latter was spotted in a video clip sometime in June 2021 with Weis’ art. While holding Gabe’s work, Paris mouthed her patented quip “That’s Hot!”

On the blockchain side of things, Weis also caught the attention of Ava Labs Founder and CEO Emin Gün Sirer. The Avalanche blockchain head honcho has started showing his support recently by following and sharing the artist’s progress via Twitter.

Paris Hilton holding Conscious Lines drawing NFT