gDEX: The Largest Web3 Community Gaming Platform in the Metaverse

Jethro Sandico

Sep. 23, 2022

gDEX, a decentralized gaming platform exchange, is now the largest Web3 community in the metaverse. The all-in-one Play-and-Earn entity powers gamers, guilds, and creators.

According to reports on September 21, 2022, gDEX’s suite of products are now used by 115 games, 60 guilds, 60,000 scholars and 300,000 Registered Metaverse Passport users.


What is gDEX?

The platform’s whitepaper says that gDEX “enables and acts as a unified GameFi layer.” 

Basically, gDEX makes game discovery much easier by employing a similar structure to video game distributor Steam. It also has a marketplace where users can create, buy, rent, or trade Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Among Web3 gaming’s problems that gDEX aims to solve is the lack of interoperability. Not having the capacity to move between different games and network creates obstacles for users. NFTs stored in various games and metaverses, are an example. The lack of cross-chain features, limits the utility of these assets to their individual ecosystems. 

Gamers risk losing value in their property when a project fails. This is due to their digital assets being tied to the game’s market performance.

gDEX’s role is to remove barriers to encourage more users to enter the space. The team has achieved this through the platform’s suite of chain agnostic tools, which requires no coding skills. With the system in place, players, guilds, and gaming communities can easily manage the overall experience, as well as the game assets using one platform.

gDEX Ecosystem

Metaverse Passport

A universal Metaverse Passport is issued to users upon sign up. As a Web3 ID, the passport is key to tracking the activity, progress, earnings, and metaverse inventory of gamers on the platform.

$GDEX Token

$GDEX is an ERC-20 token (Ethereum-based) with multiple utilities. The token’s value is correlated to the growth of the ecosystem, as well as the economy of the metaverse and games on the network. Moreover, token holders can stake $GDEX to generate rewards, EXP points. They can also unlock GameFi Mission rewards, tools, and additional features.

Since the platform aims to promote interoperability, the team also plans to deploy $GDEX on other blockchains. This includes Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon, among others.

Partnerships in 2022

gDEX has forged countless partnerships in 2022 with blockchain-focused entities such as Limitless Guild, Metaverse Ventures, PathDAO, Polkastarter, Yield Guild Games SEA, and Spac3ship, among others. Web3 game titles that joined the platform this year include Delysium, Metasoccer, Nitro League, RevoLand, Swords of Blood, and Time Raiders, to name a few.

Meet the Team

The platform’s backend team boasts over 60 years of combined experience in gaming and Web3. Collectively, the industry professionals behind gDEX have worked on prominent titles and brands such as Disney Games, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, TechStars Web3, and Tron.

The core team is led by:

  • J.D. Salbego (CEO): Salbego is a crypto veteran who has worked with companies such as Google Startup Grind, Legion Ventures, Sony, and YouTube. 
  • Ian Tan (COO): Ian Tan is the Co-Founder of SEA gaming/Esports companies TGC & EBN-Tencent. His experience includes working with Blizzard, Valve, Moonton, and Riot Games.
  • Sesha Kanthamraju: Kanthamraju is a 15-year Disney veteran who was the company’s Head of Marketing for SEA & India – Games & Studio Business.
  • Julian Muro: Muro spent his prolific career working with gaming brands such as Konami, Sega, Sony, and Square Enix. He was also involved in various popular titles including Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, Final Fantasy and Terminator.
gDEX Core Team