Gaming Tokens Making the Biggest Moves Today: Guild of Guardians, MCH Verse, WEMIX, Vulcan Forged, Ultra


Oct. 14, 2022

Let’s start with a macro overview and then dive in on the NFT gaming movers. Yesterday, the major US stock indexes ended 2.00-3.00% in the green despite starting with a sharp fall. Today, stocks dropped after opening in the green, driven by negative bank earnings news. The Dow is down 0.31%, the S&P 500 is down 1.05%, and the Nasdaq has declined by 1.39%.

The blue-chip cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum are up 5.15% and 7.36%, respectively. According to CoinGecko, the gaming sector is down by 2.10%. Here are today’s blockchain gaming and related tokens that are making the biggest moves.

NFT Games Making the Biggest Moves

Guild of Guardians ($GOG) – The multiplayer RPG game’s tokens increased by 18.9% on $1.5MM trading volume. The game has $57.2MM of market capitalization. There hasn’t been recent news. The game has been regularly posting promotional content tied to its gameplay, and the team has stepped up efforts to increase transparency, particularly around the unlocking of its token supply. Today, DGG Network highlighted that Guild of Guardians is among the top 5 NFT games by volume on Immutable X.

MCH Verse ($MCHC) – The gaming company’s token is up 18.8%, driven by $365k of volume relative to $5.6MM of market capitalization. Today, a related project called Oasys released an allowlist for their Reg D offering through

WEMIX ($WEMIX) – The web3 gaming platform’s tokens are up 10.74% with a substantial volume of $108.8MM relative to its $220.0MM market cap. The platform has had a string of updates this week that primarily revolved around the upcoming WEMIX 3.0. 

  • Its CEO, Shane Kim, was featured in a news article by e27. 
  • WEMIX amended its term of services 
  • Announcements related to the migration of its tokens 

Vulcan Forged ($PYR) – The tokens of the gaming studio have increased by 8.53% on the back of $39.3MM volume. Vulcan has a market cap of $97.7MM. The Company received broad visibility today from a report by DappRadar that discusses the growth of gaming in the bear market. 

Ultra ($UOS) – The tokens of the gaming entertainment platform have increased by 8.0%. The platform has been busy this month with its NFT PFP hackathon and the announcement of multiple partnerships. 

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