Gaming Tokens Making the Biggest Moves Today: DeRace, CryptoBlades, Rebel Bots and Victoria VR


Oct. 12, 2022

DeRace ($DERC) – The horse racing platform’s tokens increased 12% today and are up ~50% during the past 7 days. The game has made numerous announcements this month with promises for more. It showed off a new trailer on October 5th. The most recent news is that $DERC is supported by Binance Custody. BNB Chain has also supported the promotion of DeRace this month via Retweets, helping drive the visibility of the DeRace platform.

CryptoBlades ($SKILL) – CryptoBlades is up 15% as of this writing. The game has kicked off Octoblades, a series of announcements and activities for this month. Here’s a summary of their activities which seems to have given their token new momentum. 

Rebel Bots ($RBLS) – The robot fighting game’s token has increased by 10% after being as high as 50% earlier in the day. The game developers had an AMA today that covered the upcoming beta launch of their game. The team also offered a sneak peek of new designs of their card explorer. 

Victoria VR ($VR) – The MMORPG developer’s token was up as high as 50% today, before declining 6%. There’s no recent news that drove the move. The development team was recently active at EGX London, a gaming conference.   

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