Gala Games: Initiating Coverage

Ephraim Austin

Sep. 01, 2022

Blockchain gaming has touched a nerve for some hard core gamers. Change is always uncomfortable, and some gamers like the way things are. As the current argument goes, traditional gamers don’t want crypto, i.e. money, to be involved in games as they believe that will ruin the fun. Games are a way to escape into a fantasy world and if we tokenize all games, it will turn into a job rather than a means to take a break from everyday life. Of course, this doesn’t take into account the fact that in most traditional games money is already involved. However, in the current Web2 gaming model it’s a one way street with cash leaving your pocket and going straight to the gaming studios.  

On the other side of the spectrum you have decentralization idealists who believe blockchain will revolutionize gaming and there’s no turning back. As such, players want to own their in-game assets and the relic of Web2 gaming will be a distant memory in the near future. You can firmly put the founders of Gala Games in the second camp.

Eric Schiermeyer, the CEO of Gala Games has said: “I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t think this was literally the next phase of the internet. Everything that touches ownership is going to be affected by what’s happening here. Art and music and everything that has a digital life is going to be touched by this. Anything that you thought was digital that you thought you owned but didn’t really own — that’s what’s about to be revolutionized.”

As a major blockchain game developer we are initiating coverage on Gala Games to help gamers and investors better understand Gala’s games, tokenomics, roadmap, history and people behind the project. 

What is Gala Games? 

Gala Games

Gala Games is a play-and-earn game developer building a gaming ecosystem that utilizes blockchain technology. The project is cross chain as it exists on both Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain. However, Gala is building its own native blockchain. All in-game items are NFTs which allows players to have full ownership of their assets. The $GALA token powers the in-game economies and incentivizes node operators. 

According to Gala’s website, the platform is operated by over 90 team members and boasts 1.3 million monthly active users and has sold over 26,000 NFTs. However, there are not any third party trackers of user numbers or NFT sales statistics, which makes this info difficult to verify. 

Gala is currently developing its own proprietary blockchain, GalaChain, as well as forming partnerships with successful game studios. For example, Gala has relationships with Under Armour, and AMC’s The Walking Dead. Additionally, GalaChain will help with scaling and reduce transaction fees. 


In 2019 Eric Schiermeyer and Michael McCarthy created Gala Games to allow gamers to have ownership of their in-game assets. Eric co-founded Zynga which went on to become one of the largest developers of mobile games in the West with more than 183 million monthly active users playing its mobile games. Michael worked as the creative director at Zynga where he developed Farmville 2, a popular Facebook game. 

Eric and Michael saw an opportunity with play-to-earn games by focusing on game quality while embracing decentralization and the true digital ownership that NFT gaming brings. 

Unlike many crypto projects that had initial coin offerings or presales, Gala Games grew their gaming network through the sale of Founder’s Nodes which are the backbone of the ecosystem.  Per the company’s website: “A Founder’s Node is part of the largest decentralized gaming network in the world. There will only ever be 50,000 of these nodes. Everyone who operates a Founder’s Node is contributing to the growth of this decentralized gaming network. By running a Founder’s Node, you are working to give players real ownership of their assets and content.

Gala Games has said they believe the 50,000 Founder’s Nodes will be enough to scale to 100 million monthly users. At the time of writing, you can purchase a Founders Node licenses on their website for $88,941

Management Team

Gala Game’s is run by a management team with decades of combined Web2 gaming experience, which includes the following:  

  • Eric Schiermeyer – CEO. Eric cofounded Zynga, a top F2P gaming company, and helped it grow to a multi-billion dollar enterprise.  
  • Michael McCarthy – President of Games. Michael was Creative Director behind gaming hits such as Farmville 2 and Lead Developer of Town Star (the only game currently available to play on Gala Games). He has over 20 years’ experience managing game development projects.
  • John Osvald – President of Games. John was previously the Head of Product for Mobile Games at Electronic Arts, a multi-billion dollar game developer.
  • Adam Price – CTO. Adam was previously CTO at Sandbox Games and has decades of experience.
  • Wright Thurston – President of Blockchain. Wright was one of the first large scale miners in the cryptocurrency space and holds multiple patents on blockchain technology.

Market Stats

Market stats taken as of 9/1/22 per Coinmarketcap and Etherscan

Token: $GALA

Market Cap: $348,036,163

Fully Diluted Market Cap: $1,757,843,256

Circulating Supply: 7,542,496,572 GALA

Social Stats

Social stats taken as of 9/1/22

Twitter followers: 382,700

Discord members: 163,005

YouTube Subscribers: N/A

Twitch followers: 1,700

Telegram followers: 15,023

GALA Recent Performance

Gala Games Chart

Over the past three months GALA token price is down 44% compared to ETH which is down 13.4% over the same time period.

*Data as of 9/1/22 per CoinMarketCap  


Gala Games currently has 14 games in various stages of development which include the following:

Town Star

Town Star

Town Star is a competitive farming game in which players compete to top the leaderboard with the chance to win prizes, and complete challenges to collect Town Points. The goal of the game is to grow, gather and craft your way to building the most efficient and productive town imaginable. As of the time of writing, Town Star is the only game on the Gala Games platform that is live and open to the public.

TOWN is a token that was created by Gala Games exclusively as a reward for playing-to-earn with Town Star NFTs. Players can earn TOWN from playing with NFTs and Node operators may receive TOWN in a daily distribution as a reward for operating their Founder’s Node or Town Node. Uses for TOWN include the following:

  • Exclusive NFT items only purchasable with TOWN. As of this writing, the cheapest NFT is a Chocolatier for 15,492 TOWN (~$340).
  • In-game upgrades and benefits
  • Holding TOWN for additional benefits like Gala Power and Town Power
Town Star Chart

Over the past three months, as of 9/1/22, TOWN token has declined 25.5%.

As of July 18, 2022, TOWN distribution and play-to-earn mechanics have been temporarily disabled in Town Star as the game enters a phase of large updates to gameplay and economy. Because of this, we are unable to come up with an ROI range. As soon as rewards are turned back on we will revisit. 

The game is currently in beta and is open for play via the company’s website.  



Fortitude is a player-versus-player tower resistance game set in a dark fantasy world where gamers have to compete against each other to defend and invade villages. Players must strategically craft as they grow and build buildings, arrows, and towers to protect them from army and invasions. Soldiers must be trained to raid valuables to develop further and expand. Players need to level up and fortify themselves for this action-packed adventure. NFTs include towers, heroes and troops. 

The game is still under development with no news of an expected launch date. 



Grit is a battle royale game set in the Wild West. You can saddle up and ride across town, building the best poker hand from found weapons to make a killing. Or you can grab the best shooter to-hand and gun your way to infamy on the new frontier. Explore the towns, oil fields and plains of the untamed west as you try to hitch a ride on the last man alive train. 

The game is still under development with no news of an expected launch date. 

Battlestar Galactica


Battlestar Galactica is a MMO 4X strategy game that takes place after The Fall. Each season will commence with a new iteration of a surprise Cylon attack, leaving the Twelve Colonies in ruins. You will play as a human survivor to set up your base near one of the remaining colonies. You will need to regain territory and resources to rebuild and withstand the incoming Cylon attacks.

As you progress through the game, new threats will begin to emerge which means cooperation and social connections will be critical during this phase. You’ll need to recapture and rebuild the technology necessary to withstand the assaults. To defeat the Cylons you’ll need to form alliances and coordinate attacks. 

Each Cylon attack that initiates the start of a new season will create a slightly different set of circumstances that survivors will need to adapt to and plan accordingly. 

The game is still under development with no news of expected launch date.

Eternal Paradox

Eternal Paradox

Eternal Paradox follows the standard 4X basics: Explore, Exploit, Expand, and Exterminate. The game is centered around a mysterious event at a large crater that has entangled all things on the continent. At the center of the continent’s struggle are the Rings of Ruin, which revolve and float in interlocking balance with one another atop the crater. The prophecy states that “When the Rings stop revolving, the continent will face destruction.”

According to the game’s Medium post: “In the 63 days of each season’s gameplay, you’ll produce and collect resources, using them to build, upgrade and craft. You’ll also use your NFT Mercenaries to team up with allies and conquer foes in epic RPG turn-based combat, leveling up, gathering resources and working your way closer to the Rings of Ruin at the continent’s center.”

The game is still under development with no news of an expected launch date.

Spider Tanks

Spider Tanks

Spider Tanks is a PVP Brawler designed and developed by Netherlands based GAMEDIA. You can choose between a number of Tank Bodies and Weapons in the garage, then battle it out in one of the many Spider Tanks arena maps. The game is free to play, but also incorporates various play-to-earn mechanics, revolving around skill-based competition, resource collection, and a player-driven upgrade cycle. Spider Tanks act as your basic NFT for the game. You earn $GALA after every game, and are rewarded a bonus if you win the series. There are 1v1, 2v2, 5v5 and even larger scale battlers featuring up to 24 players on a single map. The more you kill, the more rewards you will earn.

In November 2021 Gala Games and GAMEDIA hosted the first world class blockchain esport tournament, The Spider Tanks World Cup. 

The game is currently in beta phase with an expected launch for this year.  



Superior is a third-person shooter where all the superheroes have turned into super villains. At the start of every session you’ll start out unpowered and outgunned, as you hunt the evil superheroes down, steal their powers and take on even tougher challenges. You can gain levels to upgrade your character with a branching skill tree. Explore a “sprawling hyper-stylized superhero universe through multiple biomes and dynamically configured missions,” per the game’s website. 

The game is still under development and is expected to launch in Q4 2022.

The Walking Dead: Empires

The Walking Dead

Gala Games has partnered with AMC to create The Walking Dead: Empires, a multiplayer survival game. To survive in this harsh reality means players will have to do whatever it takes. Scavenge for supplies and construct your new home. Team up with allies, compete against undead foes, and always beware of the walkers.

The game is still under development and a playtest is scheduled for August 30, 2022 which is open to everyone. 

Legends Reborn

Legends Reborn

Legend Reborn is a strategic card game for building decks and taking on all challengers. Amass a collection of cards and creatures which allows you to build, re-build, and tweak decks to meet any challenge that comes your way. The more you win, the greater your potential to earn daily rewards.

The game is still under development with no news of an expected launch date. The devs just completed a playtest at the end of July. 

Town Crush

Town Crush

Town Crush is a Town Star themed match-three puzzle game, created by the Gala Games team and designed as “the first provable use case for our proprietary blockchain, Project GYRI.” Members of the Gala Games community will have access to this fully playable test for a limited time, allowing them to test the usability of Project GYRI and play to earn TEST, a test token that cannot be transferred or sold.

The game began open alpha testing on April 11th, which marked the first phase of Project GYRI, “the testing and preparation process that will lead us to final migration to Gala’s Blockchain.”



Mirandus is a fantasy RPG set in a vast world ruled by five player-monarchs. In Mirandus you decide who will be and choose your own quest in the fight against evil. You’ll have absolute freedom to choose as there are no maps and no predetermined quests. 

The game is set in an exclusive world; meaning only the best warriors, crafters, and explorers are allowed in. Players take on the roles of Exemplars – each come with special powers which help them discover the secrets of Mirandus.

Player ownership of in-game assets is a central aspect of the game, with players being able to hold land deeds which allow them to claim parts of the wilderness and set up holdfasts ranging from small farms to big cities.

The in-game currency is Materium (MTRM) which is a magical element that abounds in Mirandus. It’s used for healing wounds, crafting, spellcasting and teleportation. In each of the playtests for Mirandus, players with Exemplars have been able to earn Materium for participating. 

The game is currently under development with no expected launch date announced yet. 



Legacy is a game about growing and developing your own business through the power of creativity. The game allows players to design and manufacture their own products, sell and trade on the market and maximize their rewards. You can manage every aspect of your town. You’ll be able to customize everything from your products, to your building.

The in-game currency is LegacyCoin which gives players access to NFTs and allows Land Owners to hire more Business Partners. Although the game is still under development with no launch date announced, players can already buy land at the game’s website. At the time of writing a Corporation Deed in the Epic category is selling for $61,038.

Last Expedition


Last Expedition is one of the first AAA first-person shooter (FPS) powered by blockchain and player ownership. Created by the renowned development studio Certain Affinity led by Halo 2 veteran Max Hoberman, Last Expedition claims to bring world class AAA gaming and play-to-earn empowerment together. You will face off against a hostile alien world in which everything and everyone wants to annihilate you. 

Details on the game are sparse as the game is still pending a Founder’s Node vote to include it on the platform. 

Echoes of Empire

Echoes of Empire

Echoes of Empire is a 4X sci-fi strategy game centered in a galaxy with a thousand years of Royal rule. Warring factions have set the stage for an upstart hero to ascend to power. You will recruit Heroes and Knights to your banner, while building, upgrading, and owning a fleet of starships all in an effort to bring glory to your house and control to your sector of the galaxy. You can go solo or join guilds in the fight to control resource laden star systems. When you’ve succeeded in acquiring these resources, you’ll need to manage all aspects of your Command Station where you can upgrade warships, craft new weapons, and repair and refit your fleets. Player ownership of in-game assets is a core mechanic, and you will have the ability to own major sectors of the galactic system and the resources that go along with it. 

The game is still under development and although there has been no official launch date, the devs have said they expect Alpha testing in December of this year with full launch expected for early 2023. 


The token was initially distributed through the node network in a fair launch. This means there was no premine, presale or initial coin offering. The total supply of GALA is approximately 50 billion and is used to power the in-game economy across all the different games available in the ecosystem. Additionally, GALA is used for  incentivizing node operators for supporting and facilitating the network. The current circulating supply of GALA is 7,542,496,572.

17,123,286 GALA is distributed daily at approximately 0200 UTC. Half of this GALA is distributed to Founder’s Node Operators, and half is distributed to the Gala Games Conservatorship. It’s unclear exactly what the Gala Games Conservatorship is, however it appears to be similar to a community treasury used to fund new games. 

Each year, on the 21st of July, the distribution of GALA will be halved. For example, beginning on July 21st of 2022, the daily distribution of GALA will be 8,561,643 instead of 17,123,286.


Governance voting goes through the Founder’s Node software. It is not dependent on GALA but rather by owning the node. The Gala Games team distributes proposals through the node network. For example, the Gala Games team might distribute a proposal on which games to approve.

Key Takeaways

  • The management team is full of heavy hitters from the Web2 space and have proven they can scale up a gaming company.
  • With one live game and 13 games in development, Gala Games has the potential to become the leading blockchain gaming platform. 
  • The successful launch of its proprietary blockchain could help reduce transaction fees and scale the platform to many millions of users. 

Key Risks

  • Most of the data shown on Gala Game’s website isn’t verifiable on the blockchain or through third party trackers.  
  • Gala Games is operating in the play-to-earn space which historically has been prone to large boom and bust cycles.
  • Gala Games does not have a whitepaper or roadmap which makes it difficult to assess its potential.  
  • Information surrounding the founder’s nodes isn’t clear which is a key risk since it’s the “backbone” of the ecosystem. 

Disclaimer: While P2E Analytics aims to provide you with all the important information that we could obtain, readers should do their own research before taking any actions related to the company or project and carry full responsibility for their decisions. This article is not investment advice.