RunBlox Announces Open Access

Jethro Sandico

Jul. 14, 2022

Play-and-Earn fitness game RunBlox became “open access” to all members on July 8, 2022. According to an announcement on its official page, the team decided to heed the community’s calls and remove the invitation codes, making it easier for users to join.

“We heard the community. We decided that all members can experience #RUNBLOX without any unique invitation code,” the RunBlox team posted on Twitter.

Built on the game ecosystem OpenBlox, RunBlox is a Web3 running app that aims to incentivize users for their physical activity as a way to promote fitness. The game features collectible Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) shoes that come in different designs and possess various attributes.

Shoe types are based on the six races that inhabit the OpenBlox world namely: Dragon, Flower, Hardshell, Insect, and Techno. Users can level up NFTs using the in-app token $RUX, with the possibility of minting unique shoe combinations in the near future.

Rules for Open Access

– Use Universal Code 0000000000 if required

– There is a 7-day testing period

– No codes required for Android ( and iOS (

– Access remains valid after the testing period

– Join the community for the app download link





Other Updates

Twitter Spaces

On July 12, at noon ET, Ava Labs Business Development for Gaming Will Paterson will join OpenBlox CCO Sunil Chauhan on Twitter Spaces to talk about Web3 Mobile Fitness on the Avalanche Network.


On July 10, RunBlox announced via Twitter, a surprise three-NFT Shoe Box giveaway. To participate, contestants must follow and join the RunBlox community, then re-tweet, like and comment on the pinned post on Twitter. Winners will be revealed on July 14.

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