EvoVerses Announces Backstory Competition

Jethro Sandico

Jul. 27, 2022

Upcoming monster-catching 3D game EvoVerses announced on July 25, 2022 on its Twitter page, an “Evo Backstory Competition.” Participants are tasked to write in less than 280 characters, a backstory for their favorite monsters from the Avalanche-based game.

Entries are to be submitted through the game’s official Discord server before 10pm UTC on August 5. 

Here’s a sample entry, as tweeted by the team:

“This is Mobyd. Mobyd likes to live on the edge and order Tuna from Subway. He hates long walks on the beach as he always gets attacked by a blue crab! No one knows why, but his favorite color is Gamboge.”


Inspired by the concept popularized by Pokemon, EvoVerses utilizes Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) of various game assets including Evos, Houses, Lands, Businesses, and Items such as Clothing and character Cosmetics.

The team is working in Unreal Engine 5 to blend realistic graphics with cartoon-style animation, while combining facets of DeFi and GameFi.


Evos are constantly-evolving space creatures that players can buy, sell, rent, auction, sponsor and breed.


Players can choose from three game modes:

PvP – Players can bring the Evos to battle, win, and earn $EVO tokens while climbing up the rankings.

Story Mode – Accomplish missions to discover stories and locations, as well as other characters and creatures.

Social Mode – Using a virtual city hub, players can interact with people all over the world, purchase properties, and engage in various activities including joining battles.


Here are some planned updates and releases for the remainder of 2022:

  • EvoPedia 
  • Marketplace
  • Gen-0 Evos Minting
  • Breeding UI 
  • Beta launch for PvP mode
  • PvP Season 1 
  • Evo Jobs UI 
  • Portfolio tracker 
  • Webtoon Chapter 1 
  • Evo Comics 
  • Land and House sale
  • Buy/sell items, cosmetics, and furnitures
  • Season 1 of Story Mode