Eldarune NFT Minting Goes Live

Jethro Sandico

Sep. 02, 2022

Medieval fantasy Role Playing Game (RPG) Eldarune kicks off its first Non-Fungible Token (NFT) drop on September 1, 2022. As a refresher, here’s our introductory deep dive into Eldarune.

As a bonus, the team gave away $100 worth of $ELDA tokens and a 5% commission on every NFT sale (from the link of the person who minted an Early Dragon’s Treasure). Moreover, players who minted 5 boxes were airdropped an Alec NFT, while those who minted 10 boxes will receive 10% more $ELDA tokens.

The NFT Drop also comes with a referral link system and gifts. Additionally, early Dragon’s Treasure chests include special characters, items and skill books, as well as autoplay tickets. 

As of September 2, the first phase of the Mint event has already ended, with 96 of the 150 White List (WL) owners already minted. Interested parties can still buy the NFTs at a “public special offer price” of 6 $AVAX or 130 $MATIC ($115), 24 hours after the announcement.

Click here to visit the Mint Platform on GameFi ecosystem Digard.

More About Eldarune NFTs

Lucky WL owners were able to mint $265 worth of assets which includes the following: 1Champion Chest worth $50, 3 Item Chests worth $60, 5 Skill books worth $50, and 75 Idle Autoplay Tickets worth $5 each.

According to the team, Eldarune NFTs can be used for investment purposes using the in-game auto-play feature. By leveling up characters or renting out their NFTs to other players, owners can earn passively from the game.

Meet the Artist: Cihan Engin

With the launch of the game’s NFTs, supporters were treated to the enchanting artworks of Cihan Engin. Hailing from Ankara, Turkey, the highly-skilled digital artist/illustrator is the talent behind Eldarune’s NFT and in-game artworks.

Upon scrutiny of Engin’s exceptional portfolio, one would immediately recognize his established style of art. Featuring a rich blend of colors, his digital world is sharp and modern-looking, yet possessing an organic feel that is not straining to the eyes.

From cyberpunk to medieval, to Turkish mythology and metal album covers, Engin’s visual gift is what the world of blockchain gaming and NFTs need today.

Cihan Engin Digital Art

What is Eldarune?

Eldarune is a AAA game that combines elements of medieval, fantasy, action, arena, and Role-Playing Games (RPG). Boasting 4K graphics and an immersive lore, Eldarune allows players to explore Elymnias. In this fictional world, players can battle in dungeons, and defeat monsters with the help of your clan.

In Eldarune, all of the items such as Armors, Skill Books, Champions, Characters, and Weapons, are NFTs. This grants players full ownership of their assets, allowing them to sell or trade the digital properties on the marketplace.

The game also employs a “Season System” which will help maintain its sustainability. The introduction of additional objectives and assets as the season progresses, encourages participants to invest their time on the game.

All-in-all, Eldarune will have 21 seasons. Players can unlock every season along with a new island that they can traverse and face challenges.


Eldarune utilizes the official token $ELDA. The token is obtainable through the completion of quests and winning in PvP arena battle, among others. Additionally, $ELDA can be used for creating Clans or purchasing Arena Tickets, Chests, and other NFTs, to name a few.