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Dr. Disrespect’s Midnight Society to Live Stream Project Moon Friday

Posted July 27, 2022 4:02 pm
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By Yehia El Amine

Popular YouTube creator Dr. Disrespect will be looking to showcase the first public gameplay footage of his new video game known as “Project Moon,” during The Midnight Society Founders event in Los Angeles on Friday, July 29th. 

The project is being developed by AAA gaming studio Midnight Society – which was developed by The Doc himself alongside Robert Bowling, Quinn DelHoyo, and Sumit Gupta, and is described to be a “vertical battle royale.” 

Many people have speculated online that the game will fall under the Play-to-Earn category, however, much of the evidence surrounding the project points toward it being a hybrid between both traditional and blockchain/web3 gaming, in the first-person shooter genre. 

This was shown in one of his streams that aired earlier in March where he was responding against fan backlash for utilizing NFTs as part of the game ecosystem in the form of NFT Founders Pass.

Project Moon Roadmap

“Listen, in regards to NFTs, you don’t have to have NFTs to play the game. It doesn’t change your experience of the game once it releases and it will continue to be free-to-play. You can’t buy your way to win,” Dr. Disrespect said.

The Two-Time Champion also highlighted that the Pass wouldn’t be a “get rich quick scheme,” while not having any effect over in-game features. Instead, it would be a chance for the community to “own the first piece of Midnight Society’s digital history.” 

He added that fans don’t have to purchase the NFTs, but would be available for those looking to get more involved.

Who is Dr. Disrespect

Herschel “Guy” Beahm is famous for his YouTube and Twitch persona as “Dr. Disrespect,” but prior to becoming an iconic video games streamer and creator, he was an accomplished level designer at Sledgehammer Studios. 

Referred to as “Dr. D,” “The Doc,” or “The Two-Time Champion,”  His brash persona often leads to him calling out other streamers and pro gamers, and also provides some eccentric reactions and bizarre moments. His YouTube channel has over 4 million subscribers and his streams average more than 200,000 views.

In 2017, he won the Streamer of the Year award at the Esports Awards, giving a very out-of-character, emotional acceptance speech when collecting his trophy. He reclaimed his “Two-Time” title by winning the award again in 2019. 

Dr Disrespect’s net worth is believed to be in the region of $4 million. His net worth comes from a variety of different income streams including streaming donations and subscriptions, ad revenue, merchandise sales, and sponsorship deals.

About Project Moon

According to the game studio’s landing page, players will enter the Midnight Society as a member of the Claws, which are combatants in the games produced within the society. 

However, there are many more ways to get involved in the Midnight Society beyond just enjoying the games. “Our founding mission when forming the Midnight Society game studio was to create new ways for our community to involve themselves in meaningful ways within the development process,” the studio explained. 

This exclusivity is called “The Variants” which are participants in the overall development of the game and awarded early access to the title prior to release. Not only that, but these members will also enjoy development-based decision making – among many other perks. 

“As we focus on building the best new PVP multiplayer first-person shooter, we’re looking to leverage the collective strength of our Day Zero community to go hands-on during crucial early development milestones of the project,” Robert Bowling said on the studio’s website.  

Bowling explained that this approach will allow for building an infrastructure that allows the active participants of their community to experience environments, weapons, movement, and other core tenets of the gameplay at a stage where their feedback, input, and guidance can be incorporated.

“To facilitate that, we’re releasing a series of Access Passes which grant the holders exclusive access to the early builds of the game, private Discord channels, and the ability to not only play but vote on key design decisions that will shape the future development of the game in both micro (reload speeds, recoil balancing, time-to-kill tweaks) and macro (maps, modes, meta) ways,” he added.

The first series of Access Passes, known as Founders Access, is limited to a select group of 10,000 community members. Anyone who holds an Access Pass NFT becomes known as a Variant. Owners of the pass will unlock permanent utility within Midnight Society for as long as they hold an Access Pass.

How Project Moon Will Look

In terms of how the game actually looks, The Doc provided screenshots during his previous YouTube stream showing the general look and feel of the game.

Project Moon Gameplay Footage
Project Moon Gameplay Footage

The images provide information regarding how the different levels might appear, with the dev team looking to render every section of the map to have its very own unique atmosphere.

Project Moon Artwork
Project Moon Artwork

What Project Moon Means for Blockchain Gaming

News over the launch of the game is being celebrated within the Web3 gaming community online, especially as the industry continues to grow in momentum with high-profile partnerships and collaborations. 

Earlier last month, AAA FPS Blockchain game Shrapnel announced a partnership with popular PC peripherals Razer that attracted a lot of hype within the general community. 

Collaborations such as these take the Web3 gaming industry out of its niche market, and into the mainstream, sharing the stage with traditional game development studios. In parallel, a powerful voice within the gaming entertainment industry would essentially bridge the gap between both sides of the same coin. 

This momentum will ultimately open the sector up for more investments, audience, market share, and most importantly, attract more talent to consistently build, create, and innovate using the technologies at play.

This paves the way for the industry to mature and bloom at a faster rate, unlocking more and more unique business models and opportunities along the way.

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