DOS Labs Launches Avalanche Subnet

Michail Palierakis

Feb. 13, 2023

DOS Labs announced today that launched it has launched its Avalanche Subnet. The subnet enables an improved gaming experience with no gas fees and high-speed transactions and creates a robust ecosystem for both players and game developers.

Who is DOS Labs?

DOS Labs, a gaming studio with over 400k daily active players, consists of builders who are dedicated to providing universal and equal access to Web3 gaming which can scale to billions of players. With its high-quality games and user-friendly blockchain, DOS Labs aims to provide a comprehensive solution for onboarding gamers from Web2 to Web3. 

In its upcoming battle royale game, MetaDOS, the team has partnered with Seedify for the game’s incubation. A gaming project and metaverse incubator, Seedify provides support for blockchain gaming, metaverses, and NFT projects through funding, community building, marketing, and partnerships, aiming to help premier projects in these areas succeed.

What is the DOS Chain?

Subnets allow developers to build their own blockchains, creating more blockspace and computation to satisfy demand instead of constraining all transactions to take place in a single, shared blockchain.

DOS Chain is an Avalanche Subnet developed by OverSky, DOS Labs, and Imba Games, in cooperation with Ava Labs, the core developer of Avalanche. DOS is an abbreviation for Decentralized Operating System. The DOS Labs Subnet will support an exchange, asset management tools, and more.

Key features of the DOS Chain include:

  • Speed: The DOS Chain employs a unique consensus process devised by a team of Cornell computer scientists, able to permanently confirm transactions in less than one second.
  • Scalability: It is capable of 4,500 transactions per second, which is faster than current blockchains.
  • Security: Guarantees are significantly higher than the 51% norm of other networks.
  • Flexibility: Allows you to create custom blockchains and decentralized apps with practically any arbitrary logic with ease.
  • Sustainability: Instead of proof-of-work, it employs an energy-efficient proof-of-stake consensus algorithm.
  • Smart Contract Support: Allows you to create Solidity smart contracts using your preferred Ethereum tools such as Remix, MetaMask, Truffle, and others.
  • Gaming-friendly design: The DOS Chain offers native support for simply developing and trading digital smart assets with sophisticated, custom rule sets.

MetaDOS is the latest game to launch on an Avalanche Subnet. Other games that have launched Subnets include Crabada, via the Swimmer Network, and DeFi Kingdoms via the DFK Chain. All of these subnets help to decongest Avalanche’s C-Chain which helps lower transaction costs and keep throughput high.

What is MetaDOS?

MetaDOS aspires to be the future generation of esports by combining a unique free-to-play battle royale game with blockchain technology to suit both traditional and crypto gamers. 

Gameplay includes various modes, with up to 200 players fighting against each other in a single match. Inspired by the 2011 film In Time, MetaDOS incorporates the “time-as-currency notion” into a battle royale game. At the start of each game, each player is given a specific amount of Time, and they must fight and scavenge Time to be the last guy standing. 

Game modes include Solo, Duo, Squad, and other modes such as Red Light, Green Light, and Zombie Mode. You can enjoy MetaDOS for free, or you can choose to buy NFTs to enhance your gameplay.

MetaDOS has already distributed the Alpha test version to its partners and has received high praise. The game was named one of the top three blockchain projects at Blockchain Global Day 2022, one of the top five at Game Innovation Day, and shortlisted for the ILAP Autumn 2022.

The Beta version of MetaDOS will be available soon.