Domi Online: MMORPGs Come to NFT Gaming

Jethro Sandico

Aug. 16, 2022

MMORPGs have been one of the oldest types of games with roots going back as far as the 1980s. These are games where players like you have obsessively spent countless hours playing. Because of this, they’ve created bonds, friendships, rivalries, and narratives spanning countries and languages. The love for these games culminated in the 2000s, with titles such as World of Warcraft, Runescape, Eve Online, Maple Story, and many more.

This contrasts with Play-to-Earn (P2E) games which are at the cutting edge of the gaming industry. Innovating with new game designs particularly around game economy. Interestingly enough, P2E games share characteristics with MMORPGS such as: interesting and deep game economies, a strong social aspect, and collectibles. Under that lens, the marriage between P2E and MMORPGS feels natural, if not inevitable. 

Enter Domi Online, the brainchild of Per Fredrik Åsly, better known as PelleK. PelleK has long been a gamer particularly in RPGs and MMOs and involved in content creation: his youtube channel mostly featuring his covers of video game and anime OSTs boasts 4 million subscribers. PelleK has worked on Domi Online for years, with developers and partners from other hits, such as Runescape. He’s also been a pioneer in the NFT space, one of the first artists to sell music NFTs.

So let’s dig in to the specifics. 

Domi Game Design Principles

Domi Online represents a break from new-age MMORPGs, as their whitepaper says:

The common MMORPG model of this era requires players to do tedious quests in order to reach the same maximum level quickly, and sign up for repetitive dungeon farming to get the best gear. The result is: Most people on the server are much all the same at the end of the season, and when an expansion is introduced, your time is rendered worthless, as all your gear is the same as what new players start with, and the level can be grinded out in no time.

In Domi Online on the other hand, there are no caps: no caps on levels or skill. Player vs Player (PvP) combat and deaths have real major consequences. Domi pays homage back to an older era of RPGs that are cult-classics to this day- proving there is a demand for games of another style. However, Domi isn’t just a throwback, it’s also on a mission to combine the best of newer games such as new-school combat systems and graphics.

PelleK and his team want to create an ecosystem that rewards the hours players put in, both in power and in economical value. Domi is going to be a place for serious gamers to dominate, and be respected, loved, or feared within their relation to the game and other players.

What Sets Domi Apart?

Firstly, Mana is a precious resource in Domi, it regains slowly and you’ll rely on auto attacks in combat. Reaching the very late-game you’ll have a few different avenues to play more mana-hungry styles by buying late-game mana potions and purchasing houses in cities (houses will be sold as NFTs).

In Domi, level caps and skill caps don’t exist. If you’re a hard-core gamer you can reach literally any level! Along with the respective HP and mana increases with each level. You can train your skills (sword and magic being the main ones) your whole life if you want. However there are diminishing returns which set ‘soft-caps’. This is because at a certain point a single level will take weeks of grinding.

Domi Online is unforgiving and meaningful. Deaths in WoW or new-school MMORPGs don’t matter, most game deaths today are a non-event. In Domi instead you have to think, strategize, gear up, and strategize. There are no repetitive quests and tasks, instead you can explore the world through play! You can’t just ‘Leroy Jenkins’ into a fight. Deaths mean you have a chance of losing your inventory as well as a percentage of your experience. This creates stronger bonds and increases the social aspect of Domi – being one of the top players means having a strong guild, strategies, and discipline. Advancing as one of the highest-level players in Domi will actually mean something, a testament to your skills.

These are the main design differences between Domi and other MMORPGs. Of course, there are other aspects, but we’ll leave those for you to find out!


Houses and Gear in Domi are ERC-721 tokens. You can purchase these through Domi Online sales. There will only be a set amount of houses produced for each city. After the official sales, you will be able to have full ownership of your in-game assets and can sell them on secondary markets.

There will never be more houses produced per city– this is to protect the assets’ values. With future expansions new cities and villages will be introduced with new houses of various tiers. A selection of the rarest and most powerful gear (armor, weapons, rings, boots, etc.) will also be linked to an NFT. As mentioned prior, you can then sell these on secondary markets to other players.

Classes and Gameplay

Domi Online features 4 distinct classes: Sorcerers, Priests, Amazons, and Warriors. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses. This could be differences in Mana or health, skill advantages, and/or the ability to have a larger inventory as well as many more.

You can start off slow and grind your way up from the lowly Elf Camp up to the Dwarf Village. Alternatively, you can go straight for the higher risk-reward areas such as Dragon Mounta or the Ruins of Dalaanar. The road to power will be arduous regardless, which will make it truly rewarding!

Map of Domi Online
Map of Domi Online

This was just a taste of what’s to come with Domi Online. Be on the lookout for more updates as we’ll be working hard to bring you all the important blockchain gaming news.