Disney Star, Doritos, Mercedes Benz, and Samsung Enters the Metaverse

Jethro Sandico

Feb. 06, 2023

Welcome to P2E Analytics’ daily Web3 digest where we cover blockchain games, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and the metaverse.

Today’s roundup features big brands converging with Web3-native projects in the space. Established names that headlined the news include Disney Star, Doritos, Fujitsu, Mercedes-Benz, Nyan Cat, NVIDIA, Samsung, and Titan Comics. Meanwhile, blockchain-focused entities that made waves are ComicsDAO, Moonpay, Tezos, Wemade, and XPLA, among others.

Lastly, Web3 games continue to make noise in the scene. Highlighted projects include Anito Legends, Battle For Giostone, Crabada, Heroes of NFT, Masayato Games, My Meta Farm, Oh Baby Games, and Sakura Guild Games, among others.

Here are the stories that shape Web3.

Top Stories

  • Tortilla chips brand Doritos has launched a metaverse experience called “Doritos Triangle Metaverse Studio.” The new offering is available on virtual world platform Decentraland. Basically, the platform allows users to create their avatars, as well as explore a “triangle tower.” Moreover, participants will also get the chance to win free wearable NFTs minted on the Polygon blockchain (NFTG).

  • Disney Star, entertainment giant Walt Disney company’s arm in India, is launching its metaverse platform ‘Starverse.’ The project will be released just in time for the start of professional cricket league the Indian Premier League’s 2023 season. Starverse aims to provide sports fans with immersive 3D experiences in the metaverse (IT).

  • Publishing house Titan Comics has partnered with ComicsDAO founder Adam Fortier to launch a Nouns NFT-based comic series titled “Nouns Nountown.” Titan is best-known for titles such as Batman, Blade Runner, Doctor Who, Simpsons, and Star Wars, to name a few. Essentially, owners of the digital collectibles can also redeem physical copies, which are slated for printing in April (YF).

  • Electronics conglomerate Samsung has announced plans to enter the metaverse and virtual reality (VR) market. Part of the initiative includes the production of an “extended reality” device, presumably a VR headset. The new offering will utilize a Qualcomm chip and a Google-powered operating system. In addition, the company also gave hints of possible metaverse and smartphone integrations in the future (BTC).

  • Luxury automobile brand Mercedes-Benz is currently working with graphics cards company Nvidia to digitize its production. The partnership is setting up a “digital first” system using the Nvidia Omniverse platform. This will enable Mercedes-Benz to use Nvidia’s artificial intelligence (AI) and metaverse technologies in designing and planning (RAN).

Web3 Games

  • Web3 game company Oh Baby Games has announced a partnership with Nyan Cat. The cartoon cat is a popular character from a YouTube video-turned-internet meme. “We believe iconic pop culture plays an important part in gaming,” the company stated. “It is an honor to have Nyan Cat join as we begin to open our doors for future collaborations,” they added (TW).
  • Avalanche-based auto-battler game Crabada has kicked off week 32 of its Arena Challenge, which will run from February 6-12, 2023. This week’s installment introduces Genesis and Origin Crabada boost, as well as a maximum level cap of 150. Furthermore, top-ranked tournament participants will receive USDC, Rubies, Material Chests, and Crystal Shells rewards (TW). 

  • Filipino game dev team Masayato Games has launched the 1.0 version of its Philippine folklore-inspired NFT game Anito Legends. Last year, the company opened the closed beta for the project. This new iteration has added features such as the Anito warriors summoning process called “Rite of Ipa Tawag.” In addition, v 1.0 also introduced the Anito Marketplace, where players can buy in-game items (BP).

  • Japanese gaming guild Sakura Guild Games (SGG) recently teamed-up with metaverse game My Meta Farm for an airdrop. The campaign gave away five Yukata NFTs to lucky winners. My Meta Farm is an open-world multi-chain project on blockchain ecosystems Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon (TW).

  • Collectible card game Heroes of NFT (HON) has announced a new episode of “HONversations.” The show will air on February 7, on Twitter spaces. The upcoming edition will feature representatives from massively multiplayer online (MMO) game Battle For Giostone (BFG). Both projects will touch on the latest development from BFG, as well as the “general landscape of the Avalanche gaming ecosystem” (TW).

NFT News

  • Blockchain-based payment services provider Moonpay is allocating $555,000 to further its decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and NFT initiatives. The funding will support innovative projects, as well as push for the ecosystem’s development. Additionally, Moonpay has also invited enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and developers to partner with the platform (BR).

  • The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), the country’s premier men’s professional basketball league, has announced the launch of the “PBA Virtualness” project. The mobile-first platform offers digital collectibles in the form of NFTs, while simplifying complex Web3 experiences for local hoop fans. “The PBA and its players are embraced by their fans not just in the Philippines, but throughout the world” stated Virtualness co-founders Kirthiga Reddy and Saurabh Doshi (PBA).

  • Real estate tech company Roofstock has completed its second property sale on its Web3 subsidiary Roofstop onChain (ROC). The Alabama home was sold for $18,000 via an NFT marketplace on Ethereum-based platform Origin Protocol. According to Roofstock chief blockchain officer Geoffrey Thompson, the project allows users to “transact a real-world home with one click using NFT smart contracts” (B).

Into the Metaverse

  • Metaverse company RFOX VALT has announced the upcoming sale of AI-enabled apartments in the virtual world. Set for launch on February 8, the properties will offer immersive experiences to residents. Basically, the metaverse apartments are customizable spaces that owners can use to host invite-only gatherings. Moreover, the project employs OpenAI for content creation and personal assistance, among others (EIN).

  • The International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) is currently considering how the organization could police the metaverse. One of the threats that Interpol secretary Jurgen Stock emphasized is the capability of criminals to acclimatize to emerging technological tools. “We need to sufficiently respond to that,” Stock stated, admitting that “sometimes lawmakers, police, and our societies are running a little bit behind” (BBC).

  • Recently, Korean blockchain gaming company Wemade (creators of best-selling title Legends of Mir), has formed a partnership with metaverse engine developer Metagravity. The team-up aims to produce more Web3 games for the metaverse, as well as create an expansive portal that will connect all projects (PRN).

Around the Blockchain 

  • Information and communications technology company Fujitsu has launched its ‘Fujitsu Web3 Acceleration Platform.’ The developer platform provides users with tools to aid them in creating blockchain-based applications. Furthermore, the initiative will enable builders to utilize data for contracts, transactions, and content rights management, among others (FE).

  • Gaming-dedicated blockchain XPLA approved a governance proposal to support holders of $XPLA tokens locked in bankrupt crypto exchange FTX. The initiative enables the transfer of 19.6 million $XPLA to the reserve wallet, which the company will allocate to help impacted investors. “These have been unprecedented times and our community has supported each other through it,” XPLA CEO Paul Kim stated (FT).

  • Twelve global institutions have been selected for the “Web3 for the Arts Culture (WAC) Fellowship” program. WAC’s supporters include Tezos Foundation, TZ Connect, and We Are Museums, in collaboration with LAL Art. Included in the list are entities such as the Belvedere Museum (Austria), House of Electronic Arts (Switzerland), Institute for Sound and Music (Germany), and The Royal College of Art (United Kingdom), to name a few (XTZ).

Web3 Content Creators

  • Brycent: 2023 Gam3rs’ Choice Awards Content Creator of the Year Brycent has announced that he will start using “Going Live” graphics for his upcoming streams. In addition, the Twitch partner also teased an “illuvium-themed gfx,” depicting him as a character from the prominent RPG title.

  • Cagy: Web3 gaming YouTuber Cagy’s gaming organization The Juice Team has partnered with collectible fantasy game Aradena: Battlegrounds. The collaboration is giving away 25 free NFT card packs to lucky members of the Juice community.

  • Spike: Web3 content creator Spike recently partnered with adventure fantasy project Uldor to give away 25 “Elixir Keys.” The Ethereum-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game (RPG) that allows participants to explore a vast open world, embark on quests, slay monsters, and engage in PvP battles.

  • Stache: Crypto gaming’s “secret agent” Stache have been selected to play in Web3 strategy game Planet Mojo’s “Mojo Bowl” tournament. The competition’s sponsor is Solana-based NFT marketplace Magic Eden. Running from February 11-12, players can join the Open Qualifiers for a chance to enter the main event and compete for the $10,000 prize pool.