DeFimons: Monster-Catching MMORPG on Avalanche

Jethro Sandico

Jul. 27, 2022

MMORPG DeFimons is one of the games currently being built on the Avalanche Network. Still under development, the game’s beta version can be played by clicking here

Drawing inspiration from Pokemon’s concept, DeFimons allows players to move around an animated virtual world to capture monsters, play minigames, and interact with other users, among other activities.

With “usability and reachability” in mind, the team behind DeFimons created the game using basic technologies, making it more accessible for players who lack computing power.

Aside from the low system requirements, newcomers don’t need to purchase any item to enter the game, since they will be provided with a starter skin. However, players need to buy a monster NFT to be able to join battles.



Players can advance in the game passively by sending their monsters on 4-6 hour adventures, where they will face challenges, lose health and stamina, or even fail the quest and get burned.


Players can choose to run away or battle wild monsters if they come across one. By defeating the creature however, the participants have the option to either capture or finish it. 


Crafting items using raw materials collected from battles and adventures is an important facet of DeFimons’ gameplay. Players can choose to use the items or trade them on the marketplace.


Get a chance to win free NFTs through fishing, skating, and unlocking items in minigames mode.

Launching on Avalanche

The team started building DeFimons on Harmony ecosystem before moving to Avalanche to solve some issues encountered during development.

“Around March, we reached out to the (Ava Labs) team, thinking maybe your subnet is the answer to all of our problems, in terms of scalability, in terms of RPC (Remote Procedure Call) issues,” DeFimons founder ‘Ghosty’ said in a Q&A session with the Avalanche team on June 8, 2022.