Defimons Deep Dive

Anas Hassan

Mar. 08, 2023

Executive Summary

  1. Company/Game Summary: Defimons is an online multiplayer role-playing game (MMORPG) that involves catching and training monsters. It also involves exploring a vast open world, interacting with various non-playable characters (NPCs), completing quests, and battling with other players.
  1. Investable Currency and NFT  Pricing:
    • Token name: $MON
    • Total max supply: 300 million tokens
    • For NFT Apartments, the average price is $116, and the floor price is around $127
  1. Game status: Defimons is under development. 
  1. Device availability: Browser-based (with iOS, Android, Windows, Mac Releases coming in the future).
  1. Blockchains: Multi-chain, with its Avalanche Subnet acting as the main game world and other blockchains acting as smaller extensions of the main game world.
  1. Management Background: The founder and CEO Ghosty, has previously worked with 7+ startups as a tech advisor and lead dev. He has also been involved in the cryptocurrency space since 2015.
  1. Fundraising: Defimon raised over $1.5 million in a seed round.
  1. Actionable Items: Accessible via web browser.


Defimons gameplay involves exploring a vast open world, interacting with various non-playable characters (NPCs), completing quests, and battling with other players.  One of the main features of Defimons is the monster-catching aspect, which allows you to capture and train different types of monsters. These monsters can be used to battle against other players or non-playable characters. Each monster has unique skills, strengths, and weaknesses. 

In addition to monster catching, crafting is also a significant aspect of the game. Players can gather materials, create different items, and use them to strengthen their monsters or enhance their equipment.

Completing quests is another way you can progress through the game. These quests can range from simple tasks to more challenging missions that require players to explore new areas and face difficult opponents. Defimons offers players a vast and immersive gaming experience, combining monster-catching, crafting, and questing elements, all within an online multiplayer environment.


Defimons is an interactive MMO that aims to enhance user experience and simplify processes for new and existing players. It integrates with various projects across different chains, intending to reduce potential obstacles that could hinder users.

The MON Subnet is a compatible EVM Subnet that will utilize MON as the gas token. You can read more about subnets here


Defimons has been in development for over 15 months. It comes from a talented team of 20+ experienced game developers and artists who have received over $1.5M in funding. The game builds on existing ideas in the gaming industry, featuring classic elements like monster-catching, farming, fishing, land ownership, and more.

The game aims to provide a nostalgic gaming experience that can compete with classic popular games like Pokemon and Stardew Valley while introducing the concept of asset ownership to a new generation of gamers.

The development team is transparent in its process and provides monthly updates on art, design, and development progress. Players can follow along and see the game evolve before their eyes. Here are some key points to when they started and where they’re now:

  • On December 23, 2021, the game was officially introduced to the world
  • On February 25, 2022, they released their first-pixel list
  • On April 30, 2022, they started their development update while at the same time seeking investors
  • On May 4, 2022, they released their second-pixel list
  • On May 19, 2022, they did their first AMA
  • On May 31, 2022, they introduced their Blockchain Subnet
  • The recent update as of February 2023 showcases their new website unleashes, their new easy social login, and some backend rework.

Team Summary

The Defimon team includes 30 members, 15 artists (pixel art & concept), which all have industry experience of over 4-12 years, some of their artists have published successful games on app stores (IOS and Google) and Kickstarter.

They have 6 developers, some of them have previously founded successful games, while their frontend developer has previous work experience at Uber, and their backend developer has over 7+ years of experience.

The marketing head has previously worked at Ubisoft and Bandai Namco.

The founder and CEO of Defimon who is named Ghosty, has previously worked with 7+ startups as a tech advisor and lead dev. He has also been involved in the cryptocurrency space since 2015, which he later started Defimons in December 2021.

Investors (VCs)

Defimons has raised $1.5M, and the investors include:

  • Avalanche Foundation (Blizzard LP)
  • Avalaunch 
  • MEXC

Market Stats & Tokenomics

Here are the charts of historical activities for the game’s NFT in the last 30 days: Source from DappRadar and Opensea:

Historical activity:

Trading Stats:

Trading Volume:

Floor prices:

NFT Volume and price from Opensea:

Sales Chart:

NFTs owner distribution:

Their Discord community has over 8.7K Members with over 1,000 active daily users.


Defimons will introduce a token named $MON, which will have various uses within the game, including in-game transactions and gas fees on the subnet. The token is scheduled to be released later this year. It’s crucial to note that the Defimons team has not launched the token yet. Beware of scams. 


The team’s main revenue streams are the following:

  • NFT Minting (Apartments)
  • In-game shop sales
  • Trading fees

Game Mechanics

DeFimons is a crypto game that prioritizes gameplay and skill-based token earning. The game economy aims to be self-sustainable, with most revenue generated from sales of items such as stamina and health packs used for PVP competitions. The game also features a built-in DEX that collects trading fees. NFTs in the game allow players to own what they find, capture, or earn. 

  • Battles

Players may come across wild monsters, hunters, and teams in the game. They have the option to capture a wild monster using a sync crystal. Participating in battles with hunters and teams can provide players with rewards and help them train their monsters.

  • Adventures

To train monsters, players can send them on adventures, although this can be risky if the player needs to provide more health and stamina packs for the monster to survive. Successful adventures can result in monsters gaining experience and returning valuable items to the player. If an adventure is unsuccessful, the monster may lose some of its XP (experience), and the player loses access. There are different varying adventures with different levels of risk, requirements, and rewards.

  • Farming & Fishing

You can acquire valuable items and crops through various activities such as farming, fishing, battles, and quests. Farming and fishing are time and skill-based, requiring players to invest effort and attention.

  • Farming

Additionally, you can grow different types of fruits with varying uses in the game’s economy. Each crop has its requirements for growth, including factors like season and effort. However, you’ll need to sow seeds to grow crops, which can be purchased from the store or found during battles or quests.

  • Fishing

Fishing in the game allows you to find various items in water bodies, including seeds, trash, and crystals. These can be crafted into valuable items for both in-game and out-of-game purposes.

  • Apartments

Land is another important aspect of the game. You can own virtual land, customized using an easy drag-and-drop editor. This land can host events and invite other players to visit.

  • Quests

Quests enable players to advance through the storyline, earn achievements, and gain access to more powerful monsters. Completing quests can also give players rewards. These quests may be permanent or only available for a limited time.

Investment and Earning Opportunities

We believe Defimons will attract the following four different personas:

  • A non-participant investor who wants upside without playing the game: In this case you can get the $MON  token and be a liquidity provider by staking on the platform to receive a return on it.
  • Crypto whales:  Defimons NFTs like (The Penthouse for 42ETH = $66k)  are available to buy and sell them on various marketplaces; as players progress through the game and capture stronger Defimons, their value increases, allowing them to profit by selling them. 
  • The gamer who wants to play and earn: players  can earn in multiple ways:
    • Completing quests, or participating in events. 
    • Players can also earn through NFTs by buying and selling them at a higher price when the NFT has gained more experience in the game. 
    • Staking tokens can generate a percentage of the game’s revenue. 
  • Net Spenders: Defimon is also a great game for Net Spenders, they can get Top NFTs with higher gaming experience in order to maximize their fun in the game. 


Phase 1 (Q2 2022 – Q3 2022)

  • Early Access Demo (with 8+ playable quests)
  • Apartments Sale (First Phase Mint)

Phase 2 (Q4 2022)

  • Apartment Builder (Early Access)
  • Pandoro Run Minigame
  • Skin Airdrops for Apartment holder

Phase 3 (Q1 -Q2 2023)

  • Overworld Release
  • Monster Mint
  • Battle System (PvE)
  • IOS and Android Release
  • $MON Token Launch

Phase 4 (Q3 – Q4)

  • Crafting, Fishing and Farming
  • Monster Adventures
  • Battle System (PvP)

Key Takeaways

  • Defimons is a new online multiplayer role-playing game under development that revolves around catching monsters, exploring a vast open world, interacting with NPCs, completing quests, and battling with other players. 
  • Through subnet technology, the game aims to enhance user experience and simplify processes for new and existing players by integrating with various projects across different chains. 
  • Defimons has raised over $1.5 million in a seed round from investors.
  • The game will introduce a token named $MON, which will have various uses within the game, including in-game transactions and gas fees on the subnet. 
  • Defimons offers NFT apartments with an average price of $116 and a floor price of around $127. The game is still under development but is accessible for testing on the web now.

Key Risks

  • The game has yet to fully launch, with the public launch and tokenomics still unavailable.
  • The game is currently available to test only on Windows and Mac.
  • The team is not fully doxxed.