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Deep-Sea Diving with Crabada

Posted July 8, 2022 2:52 pm
4 min
By Deep In The Sesh

As part of our updated website launch we covered one of our favorite hermit crab games, Crabada. We were on location in Crustaco Bay lapping up the sunshine and deep-sea diving while also covering all the weekly alpha.

So let’s get to it. 

Game Introduction 

On Tuesday we tweeted a brief introduction to Crabada explaining the basics of the game. 

Want to know more? 

Crabada is a strategy game wherein you compete with other players for Treasure Under Sea ($TUS), the in-game rewards token. Your main weapon is hermit crab NFTs and you’ll need to purchase three crab NFTs to create a team. You can either mine or loot for rewards.

Mines are underwater treasure caves that contain $TUS and are at the heart of the game. That said, if you’re mining, there’s a high chance you’ll be looted by another team who wants to steal your rewards. The game revolves around this simple mechanic. Because of this, stronger crabs can defend mines from looters, but can also loot mines from weaker crabs. However, it’s not all about strength: different strategies can be applied to help win rewards.

Idle Game

In November 2021, the Crabada team launched V1 of their game, known as “Idle Game”. This was their minimum viable product (MVP) and an introduction to the mine and loot gameplay. Although you could open mines or loot them, no actual battle would occur. 

Every three and a half to four hours, you could open a mine, while looters could loot a new mine every hour. Both the miner and looter were required to reinforce twice with additional crabs in order to secure the victory and earn $TUS rewards.

Battle Game

The long-awaited Battle Game was launched on May 15th, 2022 across multiple platforms as the next step in the evolution of the game. Instead of just opening mines and waiting, you could now build teams and battle each other. This creates a more immersive experience as you can watch each battle in real-time. 

Battle Game is based on an auto-battler engine: you start a mine and when someone loots you, the battle is automated. A crab’s pincers and eyes play a significant role in determining the battle outcome. There are a variety of pincer and eye types that have different attributes. Instead of earning $TUS rewards from mining and looting, you’ll earn materials which can be used to create $TUS and/or food.

Adventure Mode

In addition to mining and looting mechanics, Battle Game is also supported by an Adventure Mode. Players can play an unlimited number of times and can do it while their crabs are mining or looting in Battle Game. Adventure Mode features battling mobs on different islands that will vary in difficulty. In Adventure Mode, you play against an algorithm, not other players.

For a more detailed game guide check out our Crabada: Game Guide

Arena Mode Live Stream

Also this week, we live-streamed a gaming session with Crabada’s most recent update: Arena Mode. Our Head of Strategy, Fred Azevedo, competed live against other Crabadians in a bid to claim the top spot in the Arena.

Arena Mode is the latest Crabada update allowing players to “Ascend to the top of the leaderboards in Crabada’s exciting new Arena mode! Battle for the coveted title of Arena Champion and win weekly rewards!”, according to their Medium post.

Here’s all you need to know about the Arena before diving into battle:

  • Arena Points (AP) are a player’s accumulated points from participating in Arena matches. AP determines the player’s Arena Ranking. Each player starts off the week with a default of 1,000 AP.
  • There are 3 ways AP can be gained/lost:
    • Challenge an opponent in an Arena match
    • An opponent challenges your Defense Team
    • Revenge on lost challenges
  • Players will require Arena Tickets to participate in Arena matches. Each player can only hold a maximum of 3 Arena Tickets at once.
  • When players finish using up their Arena Tickets, they can purchase additional Arena Tickets to continue challenging opponents in the Arena.
  • Before challenging fellow players in Arena matches, players are first required to set up a Defense Team.
  • A list of 5 opponents with relatively similar AP will be randomly generated for you to challenge daily.
  • When your team is defeated in a challenge, you have one chance at redemption. Use the Revenge feature. Each Revenge will cost 1 Arena Ticket.

It was an actioned-packed week for Crabada with tweet threads, live streaming and news updates. Stay tuned as we’ll be bringing you a weekly summary every Friday.

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