Crabada Update: Breeding Mechanics

Taiwo Adekanle

May. 28, 2022

The Crabada team is currently updating features to improve gameplay as well as tokenomics. These changes come following feedback and gameplay from the reviewing community in a bid to create a sustainable future for the Crabada ecosystem. 

The first update recalibrates the breeding formula, occuring when two crabs match together to create a new one. Under the current rules, in order to breed, a player needs to use both Treasure Under Sea ($TUS) and Crabada ($CRA) (the game’s utility token and its governance token, respectively). The upcoming update removes $CRA’s breeding requirement, allowing for $TUS breeding cost to head under review. Additionally, breeding will require the use of materials to influence breeding outcomes.

These changes are an effort to improve the tokenomics of $TUS. Tokenomics, a combination of “token” and “economics”, is a general term that encompasses supply, incentives, and utility – all of which contribute to the value of a token. These breeding changes are an attempt to increase the utility of the $TUS token. 

Breeding V2 in Crabada

  • Breeding won’t require $CRA
  • $TUS cost for breeding goes under revision
  • In a V3 implementation that is currently being planned, breeding will also require the use of materials that can be used to influence breeding outcomes

With no specific timeline set, the CRA token utility is under review with more information on the way in the coming days. The Crabada team is also working on a revised roadmap with high quality content that should expand and deepen the ecosystem.

In addition to the breeding changes, devs are developing the the following game-play improvements:

New Game Content:

  • Friend v Friend Feature (1st week of June)

Player’s Quality of Life (QoL) Features:

  • Speed Up Battles
  • Batch Feeding
  • Preset Mining Team Formations

The Crabada team hopes these changes will improve current gameplay and create new and exciting experiences for players.

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