Crabada Unveils Equipment and Attributes Feature as Part of Upcoming Massive Updates

Jethro Sandico

Sep. 30, 2022

Avalanche-based Play-to-Earn game Crabada announced on September 29, 2022, some massive updates to its Battle Game and Economy. The changes will go live in mid-October.

“Dear Crabadians! The Battle Game Update v1.1.0 and Economy v2 is expected to be going live mid-Oct 2022! GET READY! A NEW ERA IS COMING!” the team tweeted.

Today’s article will focus on Equipment and their Attributes (stay tuned next week for more). 

Equipment and Attributes

Each Equipment in Crabada possess attributes that define their power and potential. 

In the game, only the most skillful Blacksmiths can forge these Equipment at locations “containing rich spirit energy” that were “scattered all over the Undersea world called Crystal Forges.” Crabada lore states that “each piece of Equipment is imbued with overflowing spirit energy, blessing its wielder with immense power.”

Let’s take an in-depth look at this new feature.

  1. Equipment Rarity

Rare Equipment may look “cooler” than less-rare ones and they also come with bonus features. The rarity will affect an Equipment’s initial Sub-Stats. A Common (Green) Equipment has no Sub-Stats, while a Rare (Blue) piece has 1 Sub-Stat. An Epic (Purple) one will have 2 Sub-Stats. Legendary (Gold), which is the rarest of the set, comes with 3 Sub-Stats.

However, all types of Equipment may acquire additional Sub-Stats upon reaching a certain number of Enhancements.

  1. Equipment Rarity

Crabada will introduce a total of 36 Weapons, 36 Shields, and 36 Helmets (across 9 sets of Equipment). The three types of Equipment will possess their own stats. A Weapon comes with damage stats (DMG + / DMG% +), while Shields have healing power stats (HP + / HP% +). Helmets on the other hand, have defense stats (DEF + / DEF% +).

  1. Main Stats

Each Equipment comes with one Main Stat. The Main Stat will increase when Enhanced with a Power-Up Pearl. Moreover, the team will release more information about this feature in the coming week.

  1. Sub-Stats

Sub-Stats are randomly generated stats that come with newly forged Equipment. They serve as a supplement to the Main Stats. When an Equipment reaches a certain number of Enhancements (+4, +8, +12), it can either receive a new Sub-Stat or have an existing Sub-Stat enhanced.

Each piece of Equipment can possess some of the Sub-Stats listed below:

  • DMG+
  • DMG%+
  • DEF+
  • DEF%+
  • HP+
  • HP%+
  • Speed+
  • Critical Damage%+
  1. Enhancements

Players can enhance their Enhancement to maximize their potential. Basically, users can Enhance an Equipment up to +15 with the help of a Power-Up Pearl. An Equipment’s current amount of Enhancements will impact the success of succeeding ones. Moreover, Equipment with higher rarity will receive bigger stat increments, for every level of Enhancement.

  1. Hidden Stats

Essentially, each Equipment comes with Hidden Stats. Players can uncover this when matched with a Crabada of the same class and part requirement. However, if the Crabada’s body part has a Legend rarity, it will automatically satisfy any class requirements for that specific part.

Hidden stats are categorized into 3 different tiers based on the Equipment’s rarity:

  • Tier 1: Equipment Rarity is Common, Rare, or Epic.
  • Tier 2: Equipment Rarity is Rare, Epic, or Legendary.
  • Tier 3: Equipment Rarity is Epic or Legendary.

Here are the corresponding Crabada class and body parts combination that will trigger an Equipment’s Hidden Stat:

  • Weapon: 1 Class-specific Pincer + 1 Class-specific Mouth
  • Shield: 1 Class-specific Shell + 1 Class-specific Horn
  • Helmet: 1 Class-specific Body + 1 Class-specific Eye
  1. Set Effects

Regardless of rarities, the Set Effects will activate when a Crabada has acquired all three pieces of Equipment (Weapon, Shield, and Helmet). However, all the items should belong to a particular set. In total, there are 9 Equipment Sets, each with its own Set Effect. 

Along with the Set Effects is a special feature called “Shiny Effect,” which activates when a Crabada is equipped with a complete Equipment set. Crabadas wearing the full set can only apply the Shiny Effect to its teammates and not unto itself.

The Shiny Effect will remain even after the Crabada that triggered it is defeated in battle.

  1. Durability

The Spirit Energy infused into every Equipment diminishes after every battle. In addition to that, not all Equipment have the same level of Durability. Once an Equipment’s Durability goes to zero, the system will disable the Equipment for all game modes. Players need to use a Ruby to repair the damage and make the Weapon, Armor, or Helmet functional again.

  1. Repairs

The more times an Equipment gets repaired, the higher the succeeding repair cost will be.

  1. Tradability

Although players can sell forged Equipment on the marketplace, not all pieces are tradable or even repairable. Basically, players cannot trade specific Weapons, Armors, and Helmets that are received as in-game rewards.

About Crabada

Crabada is a Play-and-Earn idle game that utilizes Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) of hermit crabs called “Crabadas”. Players can acquire at last three crabs from the in-game marketplace to form their team. Using the NFTs, players can join battles, as well as mine, loot, and breed

In late September, Crabada experienced a surge in volume (almost matching the all-time high in May). Experts credit the sudden growth to the game’s upcoming economy update.

As of this writing the game has an all-time sales of 6,068,255,255 $TUS ($1,521,918.41). For the past 7 days, Crabada sales are at 277,068,336 $TUS ($68,488.74), per P2EAnalytics.


Crabada assets include the NFTs and the tokens $CRA and $TUS (click here to read more about the game’s tokenomics). Let’s take a look at the recent prices of the game’s assets:

  • Crabada NFTs: Crabada NFTs are the main requisite to play the game. As of this writing, a NFT is priced for as low as 16,000 $TUS ($4), and as high as 20,000,000 $TUS ($4,999.60), per Crabada Marketplace.
  • $CRA: $CRA is the game’s governance token. You can earn $CRA through gameplay and staking. As of this writing $CRA is trading at $0.01478, with a $2,690,454 market cap, and a 24-hour volume of $137,315 (per CoinMarketCap).
  • $TUS: $TUS is an in-game currency that players can earn via gameplay. They can also acquire the token via a Decentralized Exchange (DEX). As of this writing, $TUS is trading at $0.0002508, with a $382,889 market cap, and a 24-hour volume of $56,052 (per CoinMarketCap).