Crabada’s Swimmer Network Validator Claim Completed

Jethro Sandico

Jun. 23, 2022

Crabada continues to set milestones as players migrate most of their assets to the new Swimmer Network subnet which just completed its first validator claim. Here’s a brief summary of what it means for Swimmer Network and Crabada.

Swimmer Network generated a total of of 6,891,419 Treasure Under Sea ($TUS) in fees, of which the Crabada team will allocate $TUS in the following manner: 

  • 40% (2,756,565 $TUS) to the validators 
  • 10% (689,141 $TUS) to the ecosystem 
  • 50% (3,445,709 $TUS) burned

Validators (also known as “blockchain verifiers”) are vital in maintaining a blockchain’s integrity by dedicating computing power to verify transactions. Swimmer Network has targeted 12 validators in its initial validator set. The Swimmer team runs five validator nodes (41.67% of network) to maintain sufficient geographical coverage. These validators ensure network stability in any adverse incidents. Validators on Swimmer Network are required to stake 50,000 $CRA tokens to receive a share of the transaction fees. As Swimmer Network grows we can expect to see the validator group expand. 

As a reminder, a key goal of launching Swimmer Network was the ability to use $TUS as the gas token and burn a percentage of all transactions. The completion of the first validator claim indicates the success of the team in their goal of reaching 50% of all transaction fees burned. 

The Crabada team continues to deliver on its roadmap with the launch of Swimmer Network and Battle Game in May. In keeping with that roadmap, the dev team hopes to add other games to Swimmer Network in the near future.   

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