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Crabada Launches New $CRA Staking Program

Posted June 21, 2022 6:28 pm
2 min
By Deep In The Sesh

Crabada recently launched a new staking program for its governance token, $CRA. For a limited time, you can stake your $CRA and receive $CRA rewards. Here’s a breakdown of how it works. 

Crabada Staking Periods and Interest Rates

Let’s take a look at what the $CRA staking program has to offer:

  • 30-Day Term (5.5% APY)
  • 60-Day Term (6.1% APY)
  • 90-Day Term (6.8% APY)

Staking Program Details

  • Staking on Swimmer Network: Players who want to join the Crabada Staking program will need to bridge their assets from Avalanche C-Chain to Swimmer Network.
  • Unstaking from the Legacy Staking Contract: You may now unstake your $CRA without having to worry about the 21-day lockup period.
  • Staking Plans are Mutually Inclusive: It’s possible to stake $CRA simultaneously on several plans or multiple times to each plan.
  • Staking Plans will Accumulate: Staking $CRA a number of times throughout a single term will make the amount accumulate. Therefore, the staking period’s end date will stay just as it was when the plan began.
  • Rewards will Accumulate: After the staking period has been completed, the reward amount can be claimed immediately. The reward amount will be based on how long the $CRA was staked.
  • Receiving your Staked $CRA and Plan Rewards: At the end of the plan, your $CRA will be unstaked after you claim the rewards. Also, you may start a new plan if you wish to stake your $CRA for another term.

Step-by-Step Guide to $CRA Staking

  1. Connect your wallet
  2. Click ‘Stake’
  3. Approve $CRA on your wallet
  4. Select preferred term duration
  5. Input $CRA amount needed to staked
  6. Click ‘Stake’ to confirm
  7. View staking details (amount, end date, reward)
  8. Repeat the process if you want to stake some more $CRA
  9. Claim your staking rewards upon completion of staking period

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