Crabada Redemption Program

Leo Almeida

Jun. 08, 2022

Crabada devs revealed a program to fix issues and support players affected by The Great Migration to Swimmer Network

The dev team recently began its long-awaited migration from Avalanche C-Chain to Swimmer Network, the game’s new subnet. During the migration process, some players encountered multiple issues, including not being able to move assets. To fix this, Crabada announced a redemption program available for players who encountered any of the following problems:

Crabada stuck in the bridging process to Swimmer

Many players had their NFTs stuck during the migration which meant they were unable to play the game. Some users reported their crabs stuck for more than five days. For each three affected Crabada in the bridging process, the player will receive 135 Crabada tokens ($CRA).

Crabada with incorrect breed count

Parents that were not successfully bridged resulted in higher breeding costs or an inability to breed. Players that bought affected NFTs will receive the equivalent amount of $TUS that was used in the purchase. If you were affected you’ll need to fill out this form.

Expansion of Idle Game team slots instead of Battle Game slots

Some players attempted to add team slots in Battle Game but instead the slots were actually added to Idle Game. Players affected will have Battle Game slots added at no extra cost and  won’t need to fill out any form as their accounts will have the slots added on May 25th.

The Crabada team is continuing to monitor any issues with the migration and Battle Game and more updates are coming soon.  

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