Crabada: Game Guide

Frederico Aranha

May. 28, 2022

Introducing: Crabada

Crabada launched via Avalaunch in November 2021. It is a play and earn game built on the Avalanche Network. In this quick guide, we are going to share with you everything you need to know before starting the game.

Crabada is a strategy game wherein you compete with other players for Treasure Under Sea ($TUS), the in-game rewards token. Players need to purchase three crab NFTs in order to create a team. This team can either mine or loot for rewards.

Mines are underwater treasure caves that contain $TUS and are at the heart of the game. Some players open mines, while others prefer to loot mines to steal the rewards from other teams. The game revolves around this simple mechanic. Stronger crabs can defend mines from looters, but can also loot mines from weaker crabs. However, it’s not all about strength: different strategies can be applied to help win rewards, which means that crab strength is not the only thing to take into consideration when playing.

Idle Game

In November 2021, the Crabada team launched V1 of their game, known as “Idle Game”. This was their minimum viable product (MVP) and an introduction to the mine and loot gameplay. Players could open mines or loot them, but no actual battle would occur. Every three and a half to four hours, a player could open a mine, while looters could loot a new mine every hour. Both the miner and looter were required to reinforce twice with additional crabs in order to secure the victory and earn $TUS rewards. 

Battle Game

V2 of Crabada game is Battle Game. Battle Game was launched on May 15th across multiple platforms as the next step in the evolution of the game. Instead of just opening mines and waiting, players can build teams and battle each other. This creates a more immersive experience as you can watch each battle in real time. Similar to Idle Game, Battle Game is based on an auto-battler engine: you start a mine and when someone loots you, the battle is automated. A crab’s pincers and eyes play a significant role in determining the battle outcome. There are a variety of pincer and eye types that have different attributes. Instead of earning $TUS rewards from mining and looting, you’ll earn materials which can be used to create $TUS and/or food.

Originally the team wanted to keep Idle Game running in parallel with Battle Game. However, because of spiraling inflation of the $TUS token, the team reduced rewards for Idle Game twice. This was in an attempt to not only stem inflation, but to help incentivize players to switch to Battle Game. The Crabada team has announced that they may reduce Idle Game rewards further, up to 90% from current levels.

Adventure Mode

In addition to mining and looting mechanics, Battle Game is also supported by an Adventure Mode. Players can play an unlimited number of times and can do it while their crabs are mining or looting in Battle Game. Adventure Mode features battling mobs on different islands that will vary in difficulty. In Adventure Mode, you play against an algorithm, not other players.

Player Level vs Crab Level

Adventure Mode will reward players with experience points (stars), crystal shells, and access to special mining zones. Stars increase your player level. Crystal shells can be used to level up your crabs. However, in order for you to increase the level of your crabs, you need to increase your player level. The cap for crab levels is the player level.

Mining Zones

Mining zones are part of a tiered system in Battle Game that can be unlocked as players progress in Adventure Mode.  As you advance through Adventure Mode, you can increase your player and crab levels, which give you access to better mining zones within Battle Game. Mining and looting is only done in Battle Game (not in Adventure Mode). Additionally, crab levels also impact Battle Game in that the higher your level, the harder it is for another player to loot your mines.

Crabada Adventure Mode

Crabada Adventure Mode Map

Food, Energy System & Rewards

Each time you mine or loot in Battle Game energy is consumed. Every crab has a finite amount of energy bubbles, 24 in total, which are automatically refilled every day at 00:00 UCT. To start a mine will cost you 4 energy bubbles, while to loot a mine will cost you 2 energy bubbles. Your crab will get hungry while mining or looting, which means you will need to feed them. Mining and looting rewards you with materials which can be crafted into $TUS and/or food. The materials you get will vary from the tiers you have access to and where you mine.

Below you can see the rewards and the tiers related to the first stages of Adventure Mode. As you progress, different tiers and stages open up.

Crabada Treasure Island

Crabada Treasure Island

Swimmer Network

Crabada became the number one game on Avalanche just a few months after its launch. More and more people were playing everyday which meant more transactions. At one point, Crabada was responsible for over 50% of total transaction fees on the Avalanche Network. This was driving up transaction fees, making the game unsustainable. The team launched Swimmer Network (an Avalanche subnet) on May 13th, just two days before the launch of Battle Game. Swimmer Network is essentially a customized blockchain that allows Crabada to use its native token $TUS as the fee token instead of the Avalanche token ($AVAX). This created more utility for $TUS and lowered transaction fees.

Tokenomics Overview

Funding Numbers:

  • Private: 60,000,000 at .010 USD — $600,000 USD
  • Community: 60,000,000 at .018 USD — $1,080,000 USD
  • Hard Cap: $1,680,000 USD
Crabada Tokenomics

Crabada Tokenomics

Getting Started

If we’ve piqued your interest in Crabada, here’s how to get started with the game:

  1. Download and install a crypto wallet that is compatible with Avalanche
  2. Go to Trader Joe and buy $TUS so you can purchase crab NFTs to build a team
  3. Access the Swimmer Network bridge and bridge $TUS into Swimmer Network
  4. Buy at least 3 crabs at the Crabada Marketplace
  5. Transfer your Crabs into the Battle Game
  6. Add your e-mail to your account at the Crabada Marketplace
  7. Download the game app onto your Windows desktop, iPhone or Android
  8. A login code will be sent to your e-mail
  9. Sign in and start battling

Before You Go…

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