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Crabada: Quality of Life Updates

Posted June 20, 2022 4:10 pm
2 min
By Priscila Dick

Managing multiple teams in Crabada’s new Battle Game takes time and effort. The Crabada community has been outspoken on this issue in the Crabada Discord. Fortunately, we now have a solution. During a recent ‘Ask Me Anything’ event (AMA) on June 6, 2022, the Crabada team revealed some exciting new “Quality of Life” updates, due to launch in the coming days. 

Released on May 15, Crabada’s Battle Game allows crabs to mine or loot existing mines. Crabs consume Bubbles and Food Points when put to use. Eventually, a crab runs out of Food Points and it must be fed. Feeding crabs is done using materials earned when playing the game. However, if a player has more than just a few teams, it becomes time-consuming to repeatedly feed crabs throughout the day. Players with multiple teams will find complications when putting them all to use. For each mine looted, a player needs to watch a one-minute long battle scene, which limits their ability to loot more mines. 

To solve the issues mentioned above, Crabada’s development team is going to implement a “Batch Feeding” feature and an “Early Skip” feature. Batch Feeding allows players to feed all their crabs at once instead of manually feeding one at a time. This feature will help players save time and effort. The Early Skip feature allows players to skip watching the entire battle scene. Hence, making it faster to loot. Players will need to pay for these solutions with Treasure Under Sea ($TUS), the in-game currency. The updates aim to improve the gaming experience while also creating new sinks for $TUS, which has declined significantly since March of this year. Players should expect these updates by June 20th. 

The Crabada community expressed support for the updates. For a complete transcript of the AMA, check out the Crabada Discord channel.

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