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Crabada Partners with Chainlink

Posted June 23, 2022 3:53 pm
2 min
By Jethro Sandico

Recently, Crabada partnered with Chainlink to integrate their Verifiable Random Function (VRF) and Keepers to assist in the game’s weekly Lucky Draw contest.

The weekly Lucky Draw contest began in January of this year. Each week players can buy tickets for a chance to win a Genesis or a Pure crab. These are crabs that can’t be acquired through the marketplace or through breeding. Originally, players needed to use Crab Amulets ($CRAM) to enter the contest. However, the Crabada team recently phased out $CRAM and paused the weekly drawings. Devs are currently working on what they are calling the “Lucky Draw V2” and will release details soon.  

Chainlink’s ability to generate numbers and automate decentralized smart contracts is Crabada’s solution ensuring Lucky Draws’ security, efficiency and impartialness. VRF and Keepers aim to create fair competition for all Crabada players.

VRF is a provably fair and verifiable random number generator (RNG) that enables smart contracts to access random values without compromising security or usability. 

Keepers is a smart contract automation service that solves the problem of the need to rely on outside entities to set off programmed tasks. It will act as the main trigger for the entire drawing event (including the VRF’s random selection and the distribution of rewards).

Chainlink is the leading decentralized oracle network in the blockchain industry and has been providing security to billions of dollars worth of assets on major industries such as DeFi, gaming and insurance.  

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