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Crabada Migration Finished, Bugs Fixed

Posted June 27, 2022 8:28 pm
2 min
By Jethro Sandico

The Great Crabada Migration from Avalanche C-Chain to Swimmer Network is now over. Here’s a recap of what happened and how the devs fixed the bugs and compensated players.

Crabada recently announced its completion of trade-ins for incorrect breed count, ending its Redemption Program for players affected during the Great Migration, effective on June 17th, 2022. In order to further compensate players who were impacted by the game’s bugs during its transition period, players were reimbursed for the cost of their Crab NFTs. Furthermore, $CRA was offered to players whose crabs were stuck in the migration process.

Back in May, some players experienced bugs that included incorrect breed counts in Crab NFTs after Crabada migrated most of its assets to Swimmer Network. The developers prioritized this issue and immediately rolled out a redemption program for the affected participants. 

The effect of this bug could lead to higher breeding costs or worse, render the players incapable of breeding their Crabs. For this specific issue, the dev team bought back NFTs from those who purchased them in the marketplace with incorrect breeding counts. Buy backs were only offered to NFTs that were still showing problems after the initial fixes were rolled out.


In many Web3 games NFTs can be bred to generate newer NFTs. Players can combine NFTs to generate new ones. The cost to breed varies based on the rules of specific games and projects.

The Crabada team continues to keep its core focus on game development and community engagement. Stay tuned as more updates are coming soon.

Aside from incorrect breed count, the program also helped with Crabs stuck during the migration, preventing gameplay for several days. Players experiencing this problem during the bridging process received 135 $CRA for every three affected Crabada as reimbursement.

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