Crabada Latest Updates

Jethro Sandico

Jul. 05, 2022

Curious what’s been going on in the Crabada Kingdom recently? 

As always, team Crabada is putting a lot of hard work into the game to improve the experience for everyone. After fixing numerous bugs, the team is now focusing on deploying new features, as well as raising awareness for new players and gamers.

While the devs are busy refining Crabada, the players are breaking records and raising the level of competition in the space. Soon, the game will have to introduce more difficult challenges for the best players.

From the game devs to the players, here are some of the latest movements in Crabada:

Dev Updates

  • Much-awaited Crabada Arena Mode coming soon!
  • Leaderboard for arena.
  • Idle-game Captcha has been removed.
  • Bulk feeding features to be introduced soon.

Marketing and Awareness Updates

  • Lucky Draw v2 scheduled for July.
  • New players to get new Battle Game guide content.
  • New website UI and content v1 set to be released in July.
  • Social campaign for Battle Bounty set for July.

Terms of Service Updates

  • First phase of legal review completed.
  • Legal review-based revisions under way.
  • Technical implementation of testing and revision.

Swimmer Network Updates

  • More than 10M Swimmer Network transactions cleared.
  • Two new games to launch soon on Swimmer Network.
Crabada Swimmer Network

Player Updates

  • 18,725 players participated in Crabada’s Battle Game mode as of June 22, 2022.
  • 12,281 or 65.59% of the users started their adventures for the first time.
  • Players in Adventure Mode are advancing with 422 participants clearing Frozen Falls (stage 3).
  • Volcanic Peak (stage 4) had 58 clearances this week.
  • Soulful Seaway (stage 5) remains unconquered.

Marketplace Updates

  • Crabada sales – 5,892 
  • Total $TUS volume – 154.8 M 
  • Average Crabada price – 26,264.81 $TUS 

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